Friday, April 4, 2014

Catch up! Birthdays, Engagement, Half Marathon & More!

Both Grandma Carol and Grandma Barbara celebrated birthdays recently. Both are doing so well, and we are thankful the kids have been able to grow up with Great Grandparents. The kids love anything that includes blowing out candles and eating cake!
Dub and JJ outdid themselves on a Little Mermaid themed party. The kids had a blast, and tired themselves out, leaving me with a peaceful car ride home. Dub loved visiting with you and hope we can get together soon!

Giada has been so excited to move up in gymnastics; beam and bars here she comes!
 Gino and Giada had tons of fun with Matt and Steph while we were working Spring Wine Show. Cookies and Smores...who wouldn't be happy??
These are the kind of faces I get for pictures lately...awesome...hope its a phase!

Nonni and all the grand kids!
Gino was teaching Cole a thing or two. Cole is sitting up now, and starting to figure out crawling. I think to the kids he is way more fun to play with now!

 The saddle in the office, has always been a hit with the kids.
Sully is such a favorite of Gino's. When I did the KCRA segment for Calivirgin, my dad came with us. Always and adventure with Pops. So, the segment before us was about kid toys. My dad tracked this guy down in the parking lot and persuaded him to buy it, after the guy repeatedly said he had to take them all back to the store.  This guy didn't know who he was dealing with, and he was right, Gino loves it.

 Another half marathon in the books! Shamrockin! I do always like to have some goal to work towards, it does help motivate me to run.  Everyone did a great job, and it was a beautiful day!
 Stella and Matt met us at the finish! Not only did I score an awesome sister in law, her friends are pretty awesome too! Great to see you Kyla!

 Congrats on your 1st half Bri!

 Princess Birthday for Kiara. Dress up, and watch Frozen, the party was a hit!

 Baby Boy Pearl will be here soon. So nice to see Marina and John while they were here for a visit and baby shower. Sisters did a great job on the shower, and brunch was delicious. Will be so hard having her SO far away in D.C. Move back soon Neps!!!

 Our little chefs prepping for Nonno's birthday dinner!

Happy Birthday Nonno!
 While the boys were having fun in AZ, Nicole and I had a wild night out! Pizza and ice cream with the crazy kiddos!

 Cousin love, our little Stella is growing up!
 It didn't take 2 minutes for the kids to use the pool water to make a mud pit! Good times!

Love is in the air! Big congratulations to Phil and Summer! He surprised her with a weekend that will be tough to top!  Looking forward to all the wedding festivities! Love you! XO

These two are so cute! While the big kids play soccer, they play around on the sidelines, waiting for the day they can run in. They will for sure give their siblings a run for their money.

The kids had a fun outing at the Mud mill with Nana and Ran.
Dress up happens multiple times a day in our house, and when you have an older sister, you think it's really cool to wear dresses! Sofia is always his choice, and accessories are a must.

Last but not least, and in honor of orange Friday, GO Giants!

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