Wednesday, April 16, 2014

COOC, Giants, Snakes...oh my!

Calivirgin heads to the California Olive Oil Council Meetings (COOC)
Always a fun weekend in Monterey with our family and fellow olive oil producers/growers.

AND the new Frantoio won a GOLD! Great start to competition season!

While we were there it was Peter's birthday. We couldn't decide to celebrate on his USA or Australian birthday!? Happy Birthday Peter, always a pleasure to see you and thank you for the treats!  See you in a few months! 
While we were there, since it was where the Kerns got married, we decided we should renew their vows. I'm not sure we were as smooth as Mr. Noriega in the original wedding, but we did the best under the circumstances!  Congrats Nick and Nicole to many more years! I'm happy to step in as your dad, videographer, bridesmaid and witness anytime! xo 

Cousin Love!

 Frannie turns 4...or should I say Elsa! Check out that arm move people! Whenever she took a photo she made the perfect moves, it was hysterical and awesome!  Moni should be a professional party planner, no detail is left undone!  Great time, thanks for having us!
The kids had a tea party at lunchtime. Every other kid enjoyed drinking from their teacup and refilling as they kid...he is eating his hot dog from the tea cup!
Despite her new thing of hiding from all my photos...she loved Elsa! Elsa read the Frozen story, made ice, sang and painted nails! Giada ran into preschool on Monday and said "you aren't going to believe this but I met Elsa yesterday and she painted my nails!"
And.... now it's just back to regular old mom doing it! :-)

  I have always loved Giada's eyelashes; one side never got any color. People rarely notice unless she is sleeping, but I hope she embraces it one day...and if not I guess there is always mascara!

 While we were at the COOC meeting, it was reptile day at the WOW museum. Our snake loving kids were in heaven! Thanks mom and Ran for the adventure! But before they left new shirts from Ran and Buddy.  Giada is all about the Peacock and its "shimmer"
 When we got home from our trip Gino wanted to cuddle and make faces!  Look at his sharp teeth!! This sweet guy is such a cuddle bug, I'll take it as long as he is willing!
Go Giants! So glad I could join in on the full day festivities before the game. Although they lost, a memorable time for sure. Lots of drinks, a rickshaw ride, bobble heads and new friends!

 The kids are big lately on pulling down things from our closet and coming downstairs.... "Mom do I look just like you!?"I mean I know I don't have the best fashion sense...and I am known to wear stripes, but with pj pants and heels??? Lookin good G!

 Best dog ever turned 9! Can hardly believe it and sure hope she has another 9 in her! I'm sorry we have rocked her world bringing the still crazy Belle into her life. One day I hope they will be friends too!

 Soccer is a wrap. The coach said Giada was most improved player! lol! I would have to agree, from the first few games of not even running on the field, to running and actually kicking the ball at the end...success! Too bad it always ends when she has gotten the hang of it!

 Team photo minus Giada .."I can't go over there the sun is in my eyes!" GEEZ!!
 While we were gone the kids went to a pancake breakfast at my old school Clements. Giada seemed excited to see where I went to Kindergarten since it is a hot topic these days!
 Checking out the yearbooks!


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