Thursday, May 1, 2014

G & G updates & funny quotes!

The Easter Post will be long, so I figured I would do a long overdue post on what the kiddos have been up to, both are at such fun and adventurous ages!

Just like that she is all grown up! 5 1/2 and getting ready for Kindergarten. We have decided on St Anne's and Giada is so excited. We have had a wonderful time at Grace Preschool and Giada is already worried about missing her preschool friends and when she will get to her buddies Maddie, Kylie and of course Seve! I have assured her we can still play with her friends and that she will love meeting new friends in class too!

Giada has such a fun a lively personality, and a whole lot of attitude as well.... 
or maybe I should call it strong willed :-)  

Updates & Giadaisms
- Still doesn't love combing her long hair, but doesn't dare want it cut. The bangs are finally almost grown out; at least long enough to go behind an ear
-Very into accessories, usually necklaces, hair bows, and usually I can have no part in helping her pick them out
- Loves animals and bugs of any kind. Catching them, holding them, petting them, trying to convince me we need more! NOT happening!
- Loves baths and would stay in there for hours
- Loves swimming and wants to go everyday!
-Still very much self dresses, I think I will be thankful that St Anne's has uniforms!
- Good eater still loves her vegetables. The other day she said her 2 favorite things were Brussels Sprouts and Unicorns.....cmon really!?
- Loves puzzles, and drawing pictures
- "Mom, I'm wearing stripes and you have stripes from your wrinkles!"  lol thanks Giada!
- "Those pants with that nightgown, you've got to be kidding me!"
-She told her K teacher at the assessment when she was asked if she knew her birthday, "No, I don't know my birthday, I only know my brothers"
-"Mom, isn't it funny that that ladybug is taking a backpack ride on that other ladybug?"
-"Gino don't do that it looks like you are licking a cow lick!" 
Gino  is almost 3!
This guy is quite the character. Usually very sweet, and loving. He has always been a pretty easy going kid. He often just runs up and tells you "I  love you" It sometimes throws people off, they aren't used to kids doing that I guess!

Most days I wonder at which moment he is going to brake a body part, and usually I am thinking that all day long. He is jumping, climbing and running everywhere. I actually think he doesn't know how to walk.  

Some days when we drop Giada off at school Gino and I go on adventures. This particular day we were walking around downtown and he was being really funny, so I took some photos.  His expressions crack me up! He also insists on wearing this bow tie all the time. Usually it's with a 
t- shirt, which looks about as awesome as you are imagining.  He is definitely a self dresser as well. Usually wants to keep the PJs on all day, or maybe put on shorts. He wanted to wear shorts every day of the winter, so at least we are in warm weather now. One less battle!

- Off and on for awhile we have worked on potty training but nothing too crazy. Then a couple weeks ago he decided underwear it was and we haven't looked back! It is weird and awesome to be out of the diaper phase.  I told Gino once he wasn't in diapers he could go to school like Giada. He was very disappointed to realize I didn't actually mean that day...but when school starts up again in August!
- At dinner one night Gino says " I know meat come from pig body, cow body"
- Stella can't quite say Gino yet and it took him awhile to be ok with that "Don't call me Nino, Stella Gino Coldani I hit you with paddle you call me Nino!"
- "Mommy I got nudea"  That means "idea" he is always coming up with ideas
- Calls everyone a "dodo bird"
- "I need a poon" (spoon)
- "Mommy can we shoot a kunk" After I realized he meant skunk, the answer was no
- " I like black and giants no pink ga-da"   (Giants he means orange)
- loves counting
- At night Gino likes me to rub his tummy before he falls asleep. Usually when it is taking awhile I try to leave and he says "I can't rub myself"
- "Mommy I want to tell you something, I love you!"  

They keep us on our toes all day long from 6am-10pm...they must take after us and require little sleep!

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