Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Happy Easter!

Another Easter Fun run in the books. This year the kids ran off quickly, and seemed excited as we headed over. They told us they were going to run as fast as a lightening bolt! 
Check out the video below.
Before the Easter Bunny can come, you must dye eggs right? 
I think they had as much fun dying their hands as they did the eggs!

 Let the hunt begin! (Giada always wakes up with some serious bed head!)
 Giada was thrilled to find a slug on the egg.
 "This one sounds like it has money in it Gia-da"
That's a wrap! The kids were so sweet to each other, Giada was helping Gino find some, or the ones with his name, etc.  He said back to her, "it's too cold, you go over and put it in my basket"
 The Easter Bunny brought new costumes in the baskets this year.  Jake, Izzy, and Captain Hook have been having lots of pirate battles these days!
 Chef Mike strikes again.  So, I asked Mike if he would cook the pancakes, I always screw them up.  I said oh maybe you can make bunny ears or something fun and festive.  This is what the kids got. They were so excited, and didn't know what to eat first.

 After a leisurely morning, we headed to the Coldani side for lunch.
Delicious as always and fun to visit with everyone.

 Giada said "mom I'll take some pretty pictures in my twirl dress"

 Then when I ask Gino this is what I get....

 After a short nap by everyone, we were off to the Fuhrman side for dinner and another hunt! Gino wouldn't take off his new Ninja Turtle swim shorts and has wanted to wear them every day since!

Once these crazies got in the pool they didn't get out until their teeth were chattering!

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