Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Gymanstics, Mother's Day, Birthdays, Open House, Cousin Love & More...

More on the Spring Gymnastics Show later, when I get around to fixing the video. My last parent tot gymnastics show! whoo hoo! Gino is constantly running around on the floor, much to everyone else's laughter, I'm the one running around chasing him.  Giada was thrilled to do a real routine with bars, balance beam and floor.  Thanks Auntie Hilder for making her day!
 Mike is the proud Godfather to Gino Joseph "Joe" Barbera. Fun day in Tomales with the Gino, Erica, Chloe and families!

 Lunch date with this sweet girl.  Hard to believe we had just finished her Kindergarten assessment. We are headed to dad's Alma Mater, St Anne's... until then we will enjoy the summer together. Gino and I won't know what to do without her all day!
 Sydney dog, happy girl lately going to the dog park!
 Sometimes the night calls for movies and popcorn in bed!
 Fun night out! Boys and Girls Club Black Tie Dinner!

 We celebrated our moms at The Kitchen in Sacramento. Such a unique place, so happy to spend the evening with both of them! xo!
 Cousin Love!

"Stella are you home??"
 Open House at Grace Preschool. Below is Giada's self portrait; no surprise that she gave herself so many accessories!
 "Now that I am 5 I can do cartwheels. When I grow up I want to be a reformer (performer) that dances on stage!"   LOL - oh no, we are in trouble with this one!
 Happy Birthday KR. Cheers to the 29.5!
 This little guy loves books. He would read a million in a row if you were willing.  Found him one morning working on some all by himself.
 This was Giada "All packed up to leave this house" She didn't like whatever I was telling her to do and had decided to move out.  LOL. Real funny to see what she had in the blanket. LOTS of underwear, dresses and stuffed animals.  She is a character this one. I was pretty sure these types of comments were years off, how wrong I was...
 Kids were thrilled to find all these critters in our yard one week.  I was less than thrilled to find that HUGE alligator lizard IN THE HOUSE!
 Mother's Day at the lake with both of our families.

 This picture was cute until he turned on the mixer and then it looked like it had snowed in the kitchen!

Breakfast anyone? This is the kids craziest request yet. Nutella Peanut Butter, Vegemite, and Apple Butter!
 Event Season is here for Calivirgin! Gino was a good helper at the Lodi Farmers Market! The snow cone I found occupied him for a few moments, and he spent the rest of the time trying to eat all our samples!!

 And, while Gino was with me, Giada was having so much with with Dylan and Aubrey I thought she would never want to come home.

What a big boy, Gino got to go to school with Giada one day! He was so excited! He starts preschool after the summer.
 ummm....not sure what he is doing here. He just threw a bunch of sand in the clean water, then got in for a dip. It is NOT a swimming pool, and why did he leave his clothes on!?!? Crazy boy!
 Happy Birthday to me! Dinner at home was perfect!
Give them a little oil and vinegar and they will snack for a longtime!

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