Sunday, July 13, 2014

Birthdays Galore!

Happy Birthday Nee--Cole!

 Giada's love for drawing continues. She closely looks at her subject and makes little details. 
Below is my uncle Cliff!
 Friends know the kids love live creatures. We have done ladybugs and this time we hatched Butterfly's. This one was more entertaining than the ladybugs. Up next Praying Mantis!

 This summer the theater has movies in the morning. Most are movies that have already come out but the kids love it.  My mom has been taking them most weeks, but this week I got to take them and Aubrey joined us too! What kid doesn't love popcorn and a Slurpee at 10AM.
 More birthday's! Happy birthday Linds!

 Gino loves his Linds and made her a special strawberry with a candle! Cheers to 34!
 Happy Birthday Vi!!
 Father's Day brought us to the bowling alley once again. Not sure why we never think of going any other time of year.  This year Gino could do it a little better, those bumpers sure help. Giada was thrilled to get a strike, and I once again lost to Mike. One of these times I'm going to get him!
 Fun BBQ at Scott and Gina's!
 So anyone who knows my dad will find this entertaining. I go by to visit, and on the way out I say, "hey dad, do you want to take a pic" He says, "sure Jules where?"  So we go outside and I hand my mom the camera.  From then on I can't even open my eyes I'm laughing so hard. My dad cannot stop talking to smile long enough for someone to click the camera button. We are constantly telling him to just stand still and smile. Then the real kicker, he starts saying to my mom "hey Ansel Adams sometime today" I lost it. But that's my pops....all jokes, nothing serious, that's why we love him!
 Jake and Izzy preparing to go out to sea!
Happy Birthday Stella!  We went to visit Stella early on her birthday to test out her new wagon and bring Birthday donuts! Cheers to being 2!

 The weekend followed up with an awesome carnival birthday party!

Happy Birthday Dad/Mike!

Happy Birthday Cain!

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