Saturday, July 19, 2014

Santat Cruz, Aptos & Coldani Family Reunion

Quick trip to Santa Cruz for the Coldani Family Reunion.
 We went early, to play at the Boardwalk & the beach. 


 They thought this car was hysterical, they were cracking up the entire time. 
It does whip you around quite a bit.

 Save the best for last. These pictures turn out SO funny. They love this ride and want it over and over, and think it's so funny to be all wet, yet Gino always looks terrified in the pics.
 The kids love the beach, it is so relaxing, how could you not?? The weather, or time of day does not matter. We actually enjoy going early in the morning when we have it all to our selves. 
 The poor seagulls never stand a chance!

 Grandpa Ray's 2 sisters Mary and Carol.  Thanks for having us Carol!
 Slow and Steady for the 3 legged race.
 Trying to get a picture of all the kids in this generation was a bit challenging.

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