Monday, August 4, 2014

4th in Graeagle

June and July are always crazy for us, but filled with fun as well!  Headed off to Graeagle to celebrate the 4th. The small town feel of Graeagle, is tough to beat. As the kids get older they just have more and more fun together.

 Cole was in the action this year, we even got him on the official bear! Mike actually saw the real Graeagle Bear on the golf course. I was jealous!

Always a walk to downtown for snow cones, mill pond and shopping!

Auntie Kristen had a great plan of making the kids shirts. 
They had so much fun and they turned out darling!

 Nonni's handmade ice cream was a hit!
 Dress up fun on the 4th!

 It wouldn't be Sunday in Graeagle without the pancake breakfast. Gin& Fizzes help the line pass much quicker!

 Sometimes the big kids get special privileges!

 Some people were happy about snow cones...some were not....
 You get sent pics and forgot you even took this one...yikes!

Last but not least... we are so happy the patriotic Scott Sans, has finally realized, the Giants are his team!

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