Monday, August 11, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Gino!

Gino told us this year he wanted to have a Frozen birthday party. He then said, "There are boys in Frozen! Olaf, Sven, Kristoff!  I decided to make it an Olaf party, so away we went.
  Pool Party at Grandma Barbara's!

Birthday Boy!
Another great cake by Kim Duke!
Throw the snowballs into Olaf's mouth was a fun game, until they decided it would be more fun to have a snowball fight and throw them into the pool at Mike and Nick. Adults and kids had fun with that one.
It wouldn't be a Frozen party without snow right!?

Some coloring pages if they wanted down time at the kids table.
 This kid has never used floaties, but we had a bunch in the pool and he thought they were great!


 Gino and Cain were experts on stealing frosting.
 Fun had by all!

 The kids found all of Grandma's Kittens. We were able to find homes for 3 of them.   Giada wanted to trade one of them in for Lucky, but we explained that isn't how it works!
 End of a long day, best family pic we could get!
 The kids took home the items to build a snowman, I requested a photo of them to see how they all turned out.  It was fun to see them coming in! Some kids did more building than eating. Gino's method was to lick everything to make sure it stuck! Below are a few.

I asked Gino to show me his gifts as he opened them, and this was the kid of cooperation I got!

What he is up to now that he is 3
- 33lbs and 3' 2.75" tall
- LOVES fruit
- Still pretty easy going, but definitely has an opinion on more things
- Constantly running and jumping from when he wakes up at 6...constantly!!!
- Forgets to say the "s" on words so he will ask for a "nack" or needs a "poon" "pider" "uncle cott"
- Wants to be a fireman when he grows up
- Started preschool and loves it
- Finally sleeps through the night
- Very  into Batman, Spider man, and Ninja Turtles
- Loves to make up words and thinks it's so funny
- Would stay in the bath for hours
- Loves to have you read to him
- Has a funny laugh and loves to show it to people
- Can ride a bike pretty well now, but always grabs for the scooter
- Loves to swim and is a little to comfortable for his own good
- Finally in the gymnastics class by himself. I've been in parent tot gymnastics for 4.5 years!
- Overall easy going kid who always wants a Popsicle!

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zerry ht said...

Happy birthday Gino! The blue colored theme party looks awesome in the post! My daughter also told us that she want to have a pink theme party. So, I decided to rent a space for an event which will be fully decorated with pink ribbons and balloons. Isn’t a great idea?