Friday, November 14, 2014

Kiddo Update

Well I haven't done a post like this in awhile, so I thought it was time to do a kid update.
Giada Michela is almost 6 in January!!! 6!!! I can hardly say it.
-She is LOVING Kindergarten and St Anne's. All day long she is wanting to write words, sound them out and count by 10's. It is fun to see all the things she is learning, as she tries to use them in the real world.  In a short time, our tricks of spelling out words so she doesn't know what we are talking about will not work!
-LOVES to draw, constantly taking a pad of paper and drawing a very detailed picture, usually with a long description. 
- Still dislikes combing her hair
-Loves animals, and lately says she wants to be a vet when she grows up.  Although with all the issues Sydney has had lately, she may change her mind. She runs and hides if a person or animal is hurt, she doesn't like to see it.  But then at the same time is so caring about it, and wants to help them heal, draws them a photo (shocker), and in Sydney's case, makes her a nice warm bed to lay in.
-Very curious about how things work... for example she asked me one day, "Mom, you know how the earth is round, I'm just wondering why the water doesn't fall off.
-Dress up  happens daily around here!
- Remains a very good eater. She asks for crab and shrimp all the time, she doesn't realize those are not every day food items.

Gino Ray is 3.5 and still constantly on the go!
-Running, jumping, side skipping, I still think it is a miracle, he doesn't fall more often!
-FORTS are big these days. In every room, anywhere we go, all day long.  He is getting better about not being upset if they fall down, or we need to take them down. I mean I am all for fun, but my entire living room can not be a fort all day every day!
- Gino loves to be read, he would sit still for 20 books to be read to him in one sitting.
- Going to bed is a little easier
-Potty training, which we had been done with for back to being a problem and TOTAL mess. I hope we can take care of this ASAP.
- Blocks, anything he can build with these days. He will make Lego duplo creations and come in and tell you a whole story of how it is a giraffe eating a tree, etc.  He will also talk to himself for a long time, playing and building.
- Dress up, every day!
-Only wants to wear shorts, and is VERY particular about what shirts he wears. This is not a problem I expected to have with a son!
-Although his speech is pretty good. He still says some funny things like  "Lesterday"
- "When I grow up I am going to put on my motorcycle costume and motorcycle gloves and get on my motorcycle but it will be a slow motorcycle so I don't fall off and get hurt"
- Very sweet, will give me as many hugs and kisses as I want and all day out of the blue will say "mom, I love you"

Last but not least Baby #3.  Not the best photos below but one of the foot/hands and face.  It's another boy! Giada was not thrilled at first, but now has decided that she won't have to share as much. Gino is thrilled and is holding strong to his name suggestion of King Kong.  They both want the baby to sleep in their room, which is sweet, but little do they know they may be in bunk beds soon. This baby needs a quiet room when the 2 older maniacs are going crazy in the evening hours. Still due early March, which seems like it will be here before we know it!  I am 6 months and feeling good so far.  Nothing still sounds too good to eat when it is meal time, but that is easy to deal with! I can't wait to go on a long run, eat some sushi and drink some wine!

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