Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October/Halloween Festivities!

October/Halloween was quite a marathon of pumpkin patches and dress up. In our house dress up is a daily occurrence, and usually more costume than one. they get older, there is a little something different about Halloween.

First stop was Apple Hill. It just doesn't seem right to make applesauce if you don't go get the apples there.  We intended to pick the apples ourselves, but this was the time of the big fire, and as we drove closer we got a little nervous. SO, we stuck to the farms that were a little further out.  We also managed to fine apple donuts, apple pie and cider!

There is nothing like the farm applesauce that comes out of the machine!

Nana & Steph took the kids on an adventure to the next pumpkin patch in Elk Grove. It was a new one they hadn't been to before. Good times were had by all!

 Gino's 1st field trip to Fog Willow Farms

 Love this sweet guy. He certainly has a mind of his own these days, and can be quite particular. But most of the time he is full of hugs and kisses which I love.
 No October is complete without a trip to Phillips Farms. I had heard rumors of the pumpkin patch no longer being a part of the winery.  Although it has been paired down, I was so glad to see the tradition still alive.

 All 3 kids climb the tree, and all give us much different reactions.  Giada's new smile face involves a head tilt, and Gino did one with open eyes! Success!

 Nana and her pumpkins!

 And the good news is we were able to meet up with Marla and her boys. The annual tradition continues. The kids loved running through the corn and playing bocce!
 Halloween week finally comes along, and the dress up begins.  Mike found a Belle costume he thought Giada would like. It was a hit and the costume was ready way in advance. So I told Gino he could be the Beast. Thinking he wouldn't go along with it, but to our surprise he did. We watched the movie and tried to get him in the mood. Well,  he did wear the costume, after much convincing and Nana fixing the head piece to be softer and "not itchy"....but he only wore them for the pictures. So here you have it ladies and gents....Beauty and the Beast

Then we usually attempt a friend group shot with whoever can make it, and some cousin pics.
Some holidays got smoother than others!
What a difference a year makes!

Gino had lost the head piece by the time we did pictures with Cole

Then let the trick or treating begin. Everyone does it differently but I choose to spread it out all week and see a few family/friends a night so I don't have to do it all at once.   From this point on Beast was out and Batman was in!

 A visit with Grandma Carol & Patsy before letting out some energy at gymnastics!
 Painting pumpkins is always fun, and kept them entertained for awhile so I could watch the World Series!!

 Next stop ...Ran's and Nana's

 Well, since we are discussing the Giants and the World Series...the 'We Are Fans' shirt made one last appearance. 22 weeks with this little guy! This photo makes the belly still look small, it is not in real life!
 The pumpkin carving finally had to happen, we were running out of time. Again during a game, I carved away. They helped a little with the cleaning, but I did the dirty work!

 Halloween would not be complete with out a stop at Cinderella's, she has the best pumpkins around and gives out full size candy!

 Stella was a costume changer too...Super Stella to Sofia the First!

 Last stop of the week; the ranch. Nonni doesn't get a lot of trick or treaters, but the 4 she got were pretty cute!

 Praying Mantis's are running all over the olives this time of year...Batman was brave enough to hold one.
 Oh you thought that was enough...a long enough post.... well now it is finally real Halloween! Giada opted to be a Doctor for school. They had to be a super hero or a real hero.

 Because of the rain, Trunk or Treat was moved inside. All the classes did such a good job. Kindergarten had Candyland.

Batman got to dress up for school too. He and Stella were looking pretty cute!
 Finally the marathon has an end in sight! We handed out candy, then went to do some trick or treating on our block. I told the kids to go put on costumes and what do you know......Batman has changed his mind.  He decided to go for the giraffe, last year's costume.

No shortage of fun or candy this Halloween.  Making Memories, what more could you ask for!??

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