Monday, December 8, 2014

KR's 1/2 marathon, Thanksgiving Celebrations & Graeagle Chrismtas Tree Hunt

Shorts in November?? In our house yes. Both kids constantly want to be in shorts, or dresses. And until about last week when winter finally arrived it has been a warm November!
 We were finally free to go support Kristen at a race. The kids and I were so excited.  She has come to so many of mine, I was happy to do it.  We prepped the signs and headed to Berkley.  I think we surprised her!! Thanks Nancy for all the help with coordination!!  Giada thought of all the sayings herself. 

The trees by Giadas school have been dropping the most beautiful leaves.  She likes to collect some every day!

 Tuesday arts and crafts at Ran & Bud's House.  Thanksgiving Turkeys turned out so cute.

 I think my baking helpers always do more eating than helping.

 Little drummer girl! I think we can pass this loud drum set over to to Matt & Stephs!
 Thanksgiving Celebration at Giada's school was so darling. The decorations were made by each grade level.  The Kindergarten class dressed up as Indians and sang a song for the parents before the celebration.  Giada's name is Dances in Rain.

Delicious Thanksgiving meal with friends. Bummer Mike had to miss it. It's the time the boys are invited...darn harvest!
Lots of fun nights out lately. Great to visit and catch up with friends before it gets CRAZY in December!
 Free play time with cousin Stella!

 Speaking of is Cole!
 I love to attend as many Thanksgivings as possible, it is my favorite meal of the year!!!  Gino just had to do silly face when the girls are smiling! I guess we can just be happy his eyes aren't closed!

Thanksgiving morning we kept the tradition and headed to the Turkey Trot. It is never fun getting up early, but always fun once we get there!

 Thanks Jane for running with Giada! Thanks KR for all the great photos and action shots! Divide and conquer!

 I brought up the rear with Gino. At one point he asked me why I was walking...well I can keep up with you when I am walking. So he kicked it into gear and I actually had to run. I haven't ran in a long time. That 1/4 mile kicked my butt and made me look forward to April when I can go on a LONG run (hopefully alone without a stroller....wishful thinking, I know)
 Then we decided to walk the 5K this year, although that was too slow and boring for Giada, so she went off running with Marla. Fun morning!

 Kids did plenty of crafting on Thanksgiving. Uncle Scott was a good sport and wore his all day!
 Annual kids in the olives photo. 
 Since we were up so early for the run, we decided to do a fun breakfast the day after Thanksgiving. Cinnamon roll turkeys were a hit.

 Harvest has been so long this year, but with the rain, there was a break. So, we were so excited to run up to Graeagle for a couple days to relax and cut our Christmas tree. We saw a record number of deer too, 26 and at one time 11 walked across the backyard.... My favorite.

 We saw a lot of snow on our way there, but in Graeagle only found a tiny bit at the top of the hill when we were searching for a tree.

 The kids love picking out trees for their rooms, it has become a fun tradition. 

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