Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December Festivities

Well this month seemed to fly by as the rest of 2014 did this year.  December brings a bunch of extra activities which make for fun memories with family and friends!

The kids had one last mini session with Stephanie Moe.  When she described the set to me I thought my Frozen loving kids would be excited to wear their pjs and have a more casual shoot.  Giada just couldn't believe she got to wear PJs to the photos. 
Gino has a mind of his own for photos these days, but sometimes his ideas work out great! At least we got him near the set this time around.
The kids love reading and Search & Find books.  This one is always a favorite.


 And if we get Gino to actually sit still next to his sister, and then she starts tickling him and chaos breaks loose! 

 Light Parade is always so much fun in Downtown Lodi. We corral the kids in the back of the truck, give them hot chocolate and they are set.  The weather was perfect this year. The theme was Christmas Movies, and the floats were on point. The highlight always being Santa and Mrs. Claus in the Firetruck at the end.

I've been friends with these girls since our days at Lockeford Elementary School. Great to see Neps while she was visiting from DC, and we are excited she will be back in CA in 2015!
Max is such a sweet baby, Marina scored the dream child who sleeps so much she has to wake him up....I know nothing about these types of children! lol...maybe there is hope for #3!

 Happy Birthday Sev! Nothing better than a breakfast birthday donut!
 Our annual Mother Daughter party was again one for the memory books. Thank you KR for hosting and doing an outstanding job as always. KR and Hilder had a secret plan to bring Giada to the party, have Santa stop by with gifts of mittens, and go on a horse and carriage ride. We were all surprised and had so much fun caroling all over Woodbridge. It was so sweet for them to include Giada too, she felt so special to be at the grown up party. 


Lucky the cat is only 6 months old and huge! I have grown to like this guy. He still terrorizes Belle by sitting on top of her kennel and putting her paw down to antagonize the dog, but does get along well with Sydney.  She tries every night to jump on our bed. I wouldn't care so much if he wanted to lay at the foot of the bed but no he wants to be resting on your neck, by your face, purring SUPER loud......needless to say that doesn't happen and he is constantly kicked out of the room.
Always fun when your friends are at the Holiday Office Party!
 Cousin Love
Gymnastics Holiday Show. The kids are always excited to have us come watch them.  This was the first year I didnt have to be in the show with Gino. It was fun to be in the audience.
 New tradition. Giada and I went to the Nutcracker. The girls were so excited to have a night out all dressed up.  Heather and I had fun watching our friend Natalie Wood perform in the show.

 Have I mentioned we like Frozen??  The kids, Steph, Stella and Nana headed to Tracy for the Frozen sing a long. The kids had such a good time singing along with the movie. Bonus we got to meet Anna!

 No photos yet, but Giada had her Christmas Pageant at school. The Kindergarten kids were so adorable up there singing Silent Night.  Gino looks like he didn't have any fun with Cain while we were at the show.  Thanks Bre and Scott for watching our crazy guy!

 Holiday Dress Up day at both schools, and they request photos by the tree, Ill take it!

 Gino's preschool sang a few holiday songs for all the parents, they all get a little shy at this age, but are excited to have all the parents in class.

 Last day of school for 2 weeks. Giada was proud of the wreath they made at the Christmas party and wanted some photos with her school buddies.

Santa we are ready for you! Giada is still not sure if she is on the naughty or nice list, which is really funny for her to try and work out.  

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