Wednesday, January 14, 2015

December post #2 & New Years

Cookie decorating party! Such a fun day with friends. Thanks Auntie KR!  Most of the kids took the method..... I'll have some sprinkles with a side of cookie!

Gino and Cain were expert frosting tasters!


 Christmas celebration with Nonni and Nonno!
 Yippee Harvest is done. This year it was really long, but the days in between fields and the much needed rain helped to give the boys some breaks and time with family!
 Dinner with friends! Always fun to have a night out, and great to see Lauren's belly bump!!
 We feel very blessed to have most of our immediate family in Lodi, but makes for lots of running around at the holidays.  The kids were so excited for the holidays this year it makes it fun for everyone.  Christopherson ladies!
Guess I missed the memo that everyone was wearing red. 
I was just happy to find something festive that fit!
 Then we headed over to Fuhrman Christmas Eve. The annual cousin pic!
 Why we haven't been doing this for years, I don't know. The pure comedy of trying to get them all to stand still and smile was fun enough in itself.  You think they look related??

 Then we were finally headed home and needed to get ready for Santa. The kids fell asleep on the way home, so I was sure to take a photo. I knew the first thing Giada would ask is if I put cookies out, she was so upset she had fallen asleep. She wrote Santa this nice letter/drawing earlier, so we were set! Giada did tell us at one point she was not sure which list she was on; naughty or nice. Turns out she must have been on the nice list.

 Santa was hungry...reindeer too. She also requested we turn off the fire so it wasn't hot for Santa, that kid; always thinking!
 I love this photo of them peeking over. Gino was up early and we had to wait for Giada. I remember trying to peek out my parents bedroom window with my brother, so it was neat for me to watch.

 Elsa pretty much hasn't taken this off since Christmas. Santa is getting a lot of credit for choosing the perfect dress that is NOT itchy. That is a big issue with the Elsa sleeves!
 This boy is a Lego lover these days, and received so many fun sets this Christmas. Now the big decision, dump them all together....or keep them in separate tubs so he can build what was intended for each set.  For not they are separated, but I am sure will be dumped in no time.
 Reindeer breakfast anyone?  Since Mike made such fun pancakes at Easter, I thought he should carry on the tradition for Christmas.  Success!

 Christmas Day night we head to my parents to celebrate!

 After Christmas we were able to sneak away to Graeagle for a few nights and celebrate New Years. 
It was nice to get out of town and relax!  Cheers to 2015!

Always funny to find random kid taken pictures on your camera roll.
 There wasn't much snow yet in town, but just up the hill, plenty for some sledding fun!

1st Graeagle bear picture of 2015!

 New toys are so much fun, this boy loves building with the magnetic blocks.
 Stella started  preschool.  We miss our Stella Wednesday's. We have had so much fun with our weekly Stella visits for the last 2.5 years!  With a new baby on the way, the timing seemed right. Of course we will still see her a ton, but we do miss our weekly Stellie time. 
She is loving school though!

 Random pics.  Gino feels just like daddy riding his forklift.
Before the kids switched into bunk beds they had a few sleep overs together in Giada's big bed. 
They look so sweet and innocent when they are sleeping.
Some baths just call for a little fun. 
This particular night Giada ate her dinner in the bath and tons of red finger paint.  
Oh to be a kid!
Well this gift was sure appreciated, and made this seem real and soon. 33 weeks tomorrow! Yikes, 7 weeks and counting. This picture below is not the best, but I haven't taken too many this time around.  I think this was taken about 30 weeks. We are slowly getting everything at the house ready. I would LOVE to say we have a name, but that is not the case. He moves a TON. Way more than I remember with the big kids.  I think he is cramped in there. When I sit down he kicks and moves all around like he wants me to move.  He is also up all night, which is rather concerning!! I deserve one kid that sleeps at night!! Right?!?

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