Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Calivirgin, Birthday's, Bunk Beds & More

Busy time for Calivirgin. We had the Good Food Mercantile for all the award finalists, and the Fancy Food Show. Always nice have a couple days in SF. Beautiful weather, and a great time meeting up with current vendors/retailers and sharing our products to potential new ones!! 
 Had the pleasure of watching the playoff games with Dana White and his wife. They were both so friendly and excited for their team, the Patriots. I'm sure they had fun celebrating Sunday too! Mike sported the mustache for the 1st time ever, for a max 12 hours.  None of us could take him seriously!

Giada gets excited when she sees Calivirgin in stores too. 
She always asks me, "How did it get there?"
 Birthday donuts with Stella! Say it ain't so....4 already!?!?
 Birthday's all around. JZ is Giada's bday buddy. Fun at the bowling alley to celebrate Jared turning 5!

Room set up/switch has begun!  Gino thought he should test out the crib for the baby. Bunk beds have gone pretty well. Giada likes the top, and Gino seems ok with sharing the room.  He does keep calling it "Giada's room" even though all his stuff is in there. Maybe over time he will accept it a little more. Bedtime routine doesn't take any longer than normal. Only challenge is when they both want to have their backs rubbed at the same time...something I should nip in the butt anyway!

 Lucky the crazy cat continues to be crazy. She loves water. She will sit in the sink and then will drink the water that is dripped on to her. Also isn't she HUGE for still being a "kitten"and not even a year old??
 Fun with pops on the job site.

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