Friday, March 20, 2015

Maternity Photos, Baby Shower, & Lorenzo

I debated and  debated about doing maternity photos. But since this was going to be our last baby, we thought we should go for it. I was very fortunate to feel really good this entire pregnancy. I was so thankful for that as we have been super busy, and even being pregnant none of that slowed down.  This pregnancy felt different in so many ways, but overall still very good! We didn't do outfit changes, or any in see through outfits to show off the belly; just a few last pictures of the 4 of us; and brother on the way. Thank you Steph for convincing me I would be happy to have these photos, you were correct!

My local girlfriends were so sweet to have a brunch to celebrate the baby coming soon.
 It was a wonderful afternoon! Everyone brought a book, such a good idea, we love adding to our collection. The big kids thought this was a great idea as well, it was like a gift for them too.  Ill share the decor photos as soon as I get them. It was darling, mimosa bar, donuts in these fun stacks, quiche and much more. I love brunch and it was delicious!

This one is funny, but because this is how summer really feels about my growing freaks her out.  She usually couldn't contain herself when she saw me and blurted something out such as, "Ooh whoa looks bigger today"

So fun that Max and Neps were in town to celebrate with us!

Giada would not participate in our photos, but felt special she was invite the big girl party.  We tried for a big group photo and that didn't work either.  Thank you to everyone who came, and sorry to those we missed a photo together. You know I love to document the events with photos!
The day was here. This pregnancy seemed to fly by, and hard to believe it had been 9 months!  After talking to the doctor we decided to be induced.  She thought he was out of room by then and it was time to go.  The day seemed to go by quickly, although we were there 12 hours waiting for him to arrive.  When the actual labor started, it was a very quick! In fact I had to try and hold him in waiting for the doctor to arrive.  The lovely gown picture is always a must!
Lorenzo Michael Coldani arrived on 2/25 at 7:09, 6lbs 10oz, 18.5 in.  He was almost as long as the big kids, but our smallest, he still seems like a little peanut. As he was on his way out both the nurse and doctor said, "doesn't look like he has hair" then said, oh wait, lots of hair"  I am still not sure what they were looking at it just seems funny since he has so much!  He has darker features, but who knows, Gino started out with dark hair too, so time will tell. Yes, I realize we did not use a G name... hopefully he doesn't care one day. We had a hard time deciding. We have liked this name a long time and when we asked the kids which name they liked they always choose Lorenzo.  We had a short G name that wasn't Italian that we were deciding between, but we just liked this one best and decided to go for it! We have been asked a lot already if we are going to nickname him, I'm sure that will just happen on its own over time.  

This guy also came out with cord issues. Gino had this as well, but around his shoulder. This little guy had it wrapped around his throat and came out choking.  It is very scary to not hear your baby breath/cry when they come out.  They immediately took him over to the table and started working on him with a team of nurses.  They kept saying "he will be okay" but I just wanted to hear him cry.  After a few minutes, which seemed like an eternity, his voice was heard!

 Thank you Dr Gill, Stacy and all the other great nurses we had this round for taking such good care of us! 
 We loved having all the visitors at the hospital and over the last few weeks.  So fun that Marina happened to be in town from DC to meet him!  Also, thank you to everyone who brought us dinners. It is SO nice to not have to deal with grocery shopping or dinners for the first week of adjusting at home.

The kids put our visitors to work.

 Headed home!

 Gino loves to just give him kisses, which works for me! He is the one I worry about picking him up!
 The kids were thrilled to have a cake to celebrate Lorenzo coming home.

Clearly she loves to hold him, and to wear bows! lol

 Every new baby gets a few sniffs and licks from Syd!

 Happy Birthday Nana!
  Little man finally got a bath. I think he is still undecided if he likes them or not!

 My baby pic on the right and Lorenzo on the left. I need to compare with Mike's too. Both Matt and I had a lot of dark hair and Stella did too when she was born.  I'm convinced you can't even tell if I am a boy or a girl in my baby photo. 

 All the kids. They have so many similarities.  Gino top row, Lorenzo, Giada on the bottom.
 I think 2x now I have gotten to grab a little shut eye with the new guy. Ill take what I can get!

So far the kids seem to be adjusting well. The same trouble they gave us before, they still give us, but so far they are happy for the new addition to our 5 pack.  I was feeding the baby in the rocker, and I needed Giada to read her books for school, and she decided to read to Gino. Win win for everyone.  Don't worry, every night is not as smooth as this, but when it is, I try to remember that on the non smooth nights!


jennykanter said...

Congratulations Julie! All of these photos look amazing of everyone!

Sloan Family said...

Oh, those maternity pictures are beautiful! Love all the pictures of Giada and Gino meeting their new brother too! He's perfect! We can't wait to meet him. Much love, Lauren