Saturday, April 18, 2015

Catch up post!

This little girl has lost 2 teeth so far. This one being the coolest since it happened at school!
Also she finally chopped her hair a good amount. There was a mysterious hair cutting that she finally fessed up to doing.  So that inspired the hair cut, and next time we will probably go even shorter.

Always fun to see our buddy Peyton. Happy Birthday P!

 School pictures are out!
 This little guy has so much hair, it has a mind of its own.
This is Peyton's new little brother Drew. The boys are 5 days apart! Just a wee bit of a size difference.

 Lorenzo gives out lots of smiles these days.

And just like that he is a month old!  Almost 2 now that I am getting around to posting.  He is sleeping a little better at night. Does one long stretch for about 4 hours....just too bad that starts at 8 and is too early for me to go to bed! Lucky for me I can go right back to sleep after all the wake ups.

A little Lorenzo lovin from Nonno! 

This is the official MacLaggan outfit.  My mom and her siblings all came home in it and we take a photo with each new grandchild that comes along and send the box to the next cousin to carry on the tradition. My cousins all get these cute photos; mine are always a mess but none the less we have them to carry on the tradition. 

 Easter is quite the celebration at school this year for Giada. One fun thing that is special to the Kindergarten class is bonnets. They all get to take one home to decorate and parade around the school.  The parade continues on a field trip to Hutchins Street Square!


Syd had a rough 2014 with lots of surgeries, weird lumps, bumps and eye problems.  So here is to hoping that we have an uneventful 2015!

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