Saturday, June 6, 2015

Summer Shower, Softball, & Kiddo Updates!

Wow,  am I behind. Summer is already married and this shower sign says 41 days! 
Great day celebrating the soon to be Mrs!
 Beautiful job on the flowers Linds!

Gino is a busy boy from 6AM-10PM on most days. A few things he loves in the pictures below.
- Getting dirty
- Making banana bread or "nana bread" as he used to call it
- Being read to or reading to his brother
- Dress up! This particular day he told me "you may not recognize me with the glasses on, but you should know it's me because of my shirt"

Giada loves chickens! These new chicks at Nana and Pops, she must visit daily!
 Earth Day I finally got my act together and let Giada take the walk all around our neighborhood to pick up trash. She always wants to do it but we are usually on a bike ride or run and it hasn't worked out. I was shocked at the amount we collected.  She has been so excited when we walk now and it is all cleaned up!

Giada's sweet friend, Adelaide got to come home with us from school before softball; both girls were SO excited.
 Of course we had to go show her the chicks!
 I can't get this photo to flip, but Deacon Yeager told Giada at the baptism that she could bless her dolls when she got home with the Holy Water he gave her.  She took him seriously, and they have all had a ceremony and been blessed!
 Dub meets Lorenzo!

2 Months - Big boy is growing up! Smiling, cooing and continuing to be his easy going self!
 Lots of snuggles all day long from sister!

 Loves baths now. He will sit in there as long as we let him.

 My first ever paint project.  It was so much fun. It is very interesting to see how they all turn out given the fact that we are all getting the same direction.  I can't even draw a stick figure so I was happy with the end result. (Even if Megan told me it looked bad the whole time!) We all laughed so hard the whole time. Alyson is quite the painter! In the morning I showed Giada my painting and she was quite impressed, but then when I showed her this photo she said, "well they all look the same." Suddenly, mine was no longer cool.

This year Giada wanted to try softball. I have to admit, it has been painful to watch!! Every kid gets 4 chances to hit the pitching machine, then they go to the tee. I have to say most of them can hit it, which was a surprise, but that is about the only thing she has learned.  She is so bored out in the field, and I don't blame her!  But hopefully it will get better each year. Up next soccer, which I think may be more enjoyable for all.

Lady Bruins 2015

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