Monday, June 15, 2015

Preschool, Spring Pics, Mommy & Me Pics, Mother's Day & Meeting Ford

Gino has completed his first year of Preschool.  He was excited to show off  all his work at Open House.  One more year before he is off to Kindergarten.  Hard to believe, but he loves it!  
He says he is 3 years old and likes to be silly and sing. When he grows up he wants to be a dinosaur.
 Those things are true, he also loves building things, has quite the imagination, talks with an accent, never likes to go to bed, loves running/jumping, and only wants to eat fruit and bread.
 Self portrait, I'd say he nailed it!
Spring photos! I forgot to post these. It was a windy day, but anything with baby chicks and my kids are all in. This shoot is the reason my parents now have those two new chickens. Giada asked my parents if she could keep 2 after Bre was finished with the photos. They are huge now and not quite so cute! We did all sorts of combinations with the kids, they cooperated pretty well; Bonus! As always, fortunate to have so many photographers friends! 

  "Hop out little buddy, I will catch you!" If I was the chicken I would be scared to jump towards Gino; his idea of gentle isn't always the same as ours.

 Mother's Day 2015 - Mike was still in Australia so we spent the day hanging out at my parents. 

 The kids made Steph and I these darling hand print/footprint aprons.
My mom and I must have had hand prints on the brain...we made footprint pots for Nana and Nonni too!
The best family group shot we got.  Thanks for trying KR! But seriously, doesn't my mom look great for 65!??!! My brother and I are so fortunate, we got a good one. I should tell her how great she is more often than Mother's Day!

Most of the time Giada has been a wonderful helper with Lorenzo.

 Lorenzo got to meet his buddy Ford Noriega!

Thanks for having us Jenny; a quick but wonderful morning brunch.
Stellie loves to hold "Barenzo"

It's official....I'm in my mid 30's. Celebration at Ran & Bud's!

Giada thought she may run 1-2 laps...nope - 25!
 She ran the most laps of all the girls in her class, she was thrilled.  
Her class also won the pizza party. Success!

 Mommy & Me Mini Session. Love my sessions with Stephanie Moe.  I sign up for them the previous year and when they come along it forces me to take photos. I thought pics with the kids would be fun.  Fun...well that depends how you define fun. If you define it as trying to get all kids look at the camera  then there was NO fun - lol.  Gino ran to look at the horses, Gino peed down his whole leg (yes I know he is almost 4, and yes we still deal with these issues. Taking suggestions!!) Do you see a reoccurring theme here of which child was hardest to wrangle??  Giada said, "well at least in the photo you can't see that Lorenzo is crying.  But what you can see in this photos is also a lot of laughter. We do a whole lot of that too in our family.  How else can you get through the day with these crazy kids?


 Always fun to dress the same!

 The kids thought it was fun to sleep with me while Mike was away in Australia. They started on the other side of the bed, and ended up on top of me. I literally had 2 inches of space. Gino's legs were on top of me. They wonder why we don't let them sleep with us!

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