Monday, July 6, 2015

Wedding Season!

Wedding Season!  This time we had a wedding in Greaeagle, how much fun is that! Mike's cousin Emily married the wonderful Chris Peyton.  It was Lorenzo's first trip and time on the bear. Since Gino and Giada couldn't manage to cooperate to have all three sit on him we have all sorts of configurations.

 Uncle Scott doing some morning reading. I may or may not have heard him say he did more reading this weekend than he had in years! My kids love books.

Lots of rain this weekend, which was odd for May, but it stopped just in time for the wedding. Congratulations EM!

Giada had so much fun dancing all night with Em and her other cousins.

It took all these silly faces to get a cheesy grin!

 Em just sent us these pictures from her photographer. Fun idea to take cousin photos.

 Wedding #2  - Summer and Phil tie the knot!
 I've grown up with these 3 beautiful ladies since elementary school. Such great memories and so much fun to be a part of all the big adventures in our lives.  
We couldn't be happier for Sum to have met her match! 

Getting ready!

It's go time!  Let's do this Summie!

Mr. & Mrs. sure know how to throw a great party!

Chris and Evie watched L for a bit so I could hit the dance floor!
Ryan snagged Lorenzo too. We love the Brunos!
Congratulations Summie, wishing you and Philip a lifetime of happiness. xoxo

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Love all the pictures. Penny