Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Summer Shenanigans and Birthdays!!

Bikes and brunch with the ladies! Fun to watch Chris(Evie's love)
ride! I had never been to a live bike race, it was very exciting!
 Hilder attempted to keep up her title of baby whisperer.  
I'm just happy she comes over to wear out the big kids for a few hours.
 Swimming! This summer has been filled with tons of swimming adventures.  Many trips to Grandma Barbara's pool with friends and Lodi Swim Club  gave us daily practice. Giada had a few swim meets too.  The first one started with nerves and tears, and the last one ended in all smiles.  She is getting pretty good at all four strokes. (Butterfly, Freestyle, Back, & Breast) To see the kids so confident in the water is a good feeling. 
 Lorenzo has only gotten a little pool time this summer but he loves his bath time.
That one morning Mike and I were on KCRA. Sometimes you pitch an idea and then you are so nervous when they actually take it. Live News can go a number of ways, but in the end we were able to get some good information out, and some recipe ideas for summer BBQing.
 This summer Giada did a few different camps with some of her buddies.  
Gymnastics Camp, on the bars with Jack!
 Art class with Elle
Giada didn't get to have all the fun. I took Gino to the Children's Museum when Giada was in class.  
Church Camp with Seve and Stella
Lots of June Birthdays to celebrate!
Happy Birthday Linds!
 Cain turns 3!
Marli turns 1!
Lorenzo misses out on the group pics, but he was there too, just hanging out!
 Happy Birthday Dad! Best carrot cake bakers around.
Pete turns 2.  Bushalacchi's never disappoint on the fun or the decorations!!

And... Stella turns 3. It was Father's Day weekend too, so we headed to Santa Cruz.  Matt and Steph were camping there with both her parents and ours, so we met them up for a day of Boardwalk, Beach and Birthday celebrations.
 Someone was sleepy on the beach

Celebration  continues at Ran and Buddies!

Everyone keeps saying that Lorenzo looks like my side of the family, specifically my dad. 
The top left photo is my dads baby photo. What do you think??
 Lorenzo is still coming to the ranch with me to work. 
I guess some days the jumping is just too tiring.

 Unless he is tired or hungry, Lorenzo is all smiles and easy to entertain.


Summer days require popsicles, silly faces, and sometimes a reminder they do love each other! 

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