Monday, August 17, 2015

Graeagle for the 4th! (July that is...I'm behind)

Once again, I am behind but catching up!  Graeagle for the 4th of July is always such a fun weekend with family and friends.  That little town is so busy on that particular weekend, but the fireworks are tough to beat!  Such fun memories every year!  
(Most of the good photos courtesy KR Gramm)

Taking pictures on the bear used to be easy...not so much anymore!

 Silly face photo is a must these days.
 Golfing...but 1st lets take a selfie!

 Fun at the Mill Pond.  This was a unusual year in Graeagle.  It started getting stormy and raining not long after these pictures. Typically the 4th weekend is always hot.

The more glow sticks the better for the fireworks show.

 Sometimes you have so much fun you just fall asleep and use your scooter as a pillow.  And.... it starts early, having your friends take silly photos while you are asleep. 

Cousin Love
 What you find on your phone when you leave it unattended. Looking good ladies!

 Early baths, and movies so adults can have a kidless dinner. SCORE!
 Matching PJ's are so much fun!
 Happy 2nd Birthday Cole!!

 Rainbow Sherbet is best, I have taught my children well!

 Always the best ending the weekend with the Graeagle Fire Departments Pancake year we are taking on the parade!

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