Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Gino turns 4! Adventures to Venice & San Diego too.

We headed to San Diego for my cousin Jackie's wedding this summer. It happened to fall on Gino's 4th birthday, so we celebrated that as well.  Also, in normal Julie fashion I thought it would be great to stop off in Venice to see friends as we headed down south.  I will say the road trip could have gone a number of ways, and it went pretty darn smooth!

1st STOP Venice Beach.  The kids loved the beach concert with Ben & Ella. 
Gino also learned how to take a selfie!

 Batman on the beach - SCORE!

Jamie braved the LA traffic to come say hi and have lunch with us. 

 Next stop San Diego.  On the way down it started pouring rain, I mean a real winter rainstorm. We had to laugh because every single trip we went on this summer it had a random rain shower.  The only problem with the rain this particular day was Jackie's wedding was outside.  But, it stopped just in time and was a beautiful ceremony.  Thank you to Nana Kitty Towers for taking care of the big kids with Stella while we went to the wedding.

Here comes the beautiful bride...
Mr. and Mrs. Kimsey

 Gino fell asleep and woke up to a decorated hotel room.  Roar I'm 4 Dinosaur Theme.  He didn't want to go to Legoland for his birthday and wanted to just have a swim party, but once we were there he had a good time!
 Green Lantern gifts were a hit!

 I was most impressed with all the things they have built out of Lego's!
 Although we intended to have the girls dress alike, we did not intend to have ourselves dress alike! We showed up at the park matching and nothing we could do! LOL

 Mike and Matt did not know they would be totally drenched on the log ride. 
It looked like they had stepped out of the shower.

I guess one of the kids didn't want their picture taken??

 The girl who gets car sick on windy roads, loves rides and spinning around in circles as fast as she can. I still don't get how those don't make her sick.

 Thanks Nana Kitty for your help!

 And then it started pouring! We were drenched just trying to leave a ride and get under cover.  We played Lego's  for awhile and then when the rain didn't look to be letting up, we left the park. 

 But we didn't leave the park without some birthday treats....dipping dots, rice krispie treat bigger than his head, and the famous apple fries.
 Matt and Steph let Gino pick out something in the gift store for his birthday....did he pick Legos? Nope!
 The fun didn't stop there...dinner with the costume of course!

 Being in San Diego calls for seeing my mom's side of the family that lives there. Never long enough, but a nice breakfast with the fam.  Bonus Wes and Charlotte were in town too!
 Lorenzo was a little unsure of the pool at the hotel, but the big kids loved it!

 While in PB my parents went down memory land and checked out the place of their first date! 

As if this wasn't action packed enough for a few days, we added in a baseball game. My cousin Jackie is a Padres Ballgirl, what a fun job!  Padres happened to be playing the Giants, so we all stayed an extra day to go to the game. It was SO worth it. Thanks again Jackie for the tour and special on the field treatment.  The kids still talk about their "friend" Brandon.  

 FUN long weekend, and LONG drive back up north.  Kids did great, looking forward to the next road trip. GO GIANTS!

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