Monday, September 28, 2015

Swim, More 4th Birthday Fun, & Mammoth!

One of these days I will be caught up!

This summer we did a lot of swimmimg! M-Th for 3 months.  Both big kids are just fish now, and it has been so fun to watch them swim all over the pool.  Giada had a few swim meets that were fun to watch too. She is getting pretty good at all 4 main strokes.  She will happily critique you when you attempt Butterfly, for instance.  That stroke is NOT easy, I'm sure it was easy to come up with ways I could improve.  Gino is working on breathing and should have it down next year. It is nice to feel so confident with them in the water. 
Thanks to Lodi City Swim Club, Julie S and Nicole G for all their hard work with the kids the last couple years!
 Giada was so funny on picture day, she said I need to wear my cap and goggles; that's what I wear in the pool. So that is what I let her wear. She may have been the only swimmer with her cap on out of 150 +  kids; but that's okay in my book!

 Since all Gino wanted was a dinosaur swim party, we had a little weekday get together with family and a couple of his buddies.  The kids swam until it was dark! ROAR I'm 4!


 Part of our summer shenanigans included a visit with the softball girls. So great to see everyone and to meet Red's little man, Kevin Branch.  A couple more babies to add to the crew soon, KC and Dub have growing tummies!

Lorenzo and Kevin will no doubt be buddies! 
 Tea parties with real cups, and Marissa's baking, I will always say yes to those invites!
 SF Half Marathon with KR.  It was a beautiful day, and so fun to run across the bridge.  Thanks for making it happen KR.  Mom, thanks for joining us and watching Lorenzo!

 In July little man turned 5 months. 
 All the kids have similarities at this age. That big gummy grin for sure. Lorenzo wins in the hair contest. His hair is getting lighter in color by the day. He loves to laugh at his big brother and sister.  I wish I could report he was sleeping better or through the night, but nothing to report there ;-). 

 One last celebration at Ran and Buddy's. So fun to have them living in town.  
It is a must to wear the official birthday hat.
 We finally got to go on a little adventure with the Schweitzers!  We met them in Mammoth for the Beers & Blues Festival.  Neither Mike or I had ever been there, what a gorgeous place.  The kids got along beautifully, another plus.  I have mentioned this before, but every trip we went on this summer it poured rain. This festival has never seen rain...until this year. Day #2 we got soaked, but the kids had a blast dancing in the rain, the bands played on and the brewery's kept pouring beer!
 Ella the eating machine!

 Nice to see James too!

From WAY on top of the mountain!  Neat Gondola ride. 
I had to pretend I wasn't freaking out; we were SO high up!

 Story time; Movie time!

 Such great memories made. So glad Jen left Arizona to come to Cal Poly!!  GO Mustangs!

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