Tuesday, October 18, 2016


 Nana and Ran took the kids on a day trip this summer. I can remember going there as a kid, but hadn't taken the kids yet. Looks like they had a great day at Calaveras Big Trees.

 When you buy a wine tasting trip at an auction in January, and finally get to use it in August. It's a fun adult weekend. There may or may not have been some AWESOME Wilson Phillips karaoke!

 Giada enjoyed going to the library this summer and reading to Fuzzy. 
 If you are local, and have kids who like to read, check it out.

 This guy....long hair, lots of teeth finally, and tons of smiles.
 Tot soccer, that's a wrap.  Lorenzo is quite the fan, great dribbler and ready to get in on the action. For now uncle Matt gives him a view from above.
G landed on a team with a Addie from school, smiles all around for that. This girl LOVES to run, so soccer is right up her alley.  The field is smaller this year, so the girls all keep kicking it out of bounds etc.  I guess that is why they are working on ball control!

Quick day trip to the lake to hang out with the Keller's! So much fun for these school buddies.

 SLO for a wedding. Bonus, running into your college roommate. 
Great seeing you and the kids Felch!
 Pub Crawl success!

 Ronler, we loved the reserved seating. Such a beautiful wedding and fun night with Boyer's Warriors!
 If this isn't the sign of a good wedding, I am not sure what is....
The bride and her Mustangs!
 Not only did the Groom put on his Calivirgin glasses as he walked down the aisle, he sported them all night. Now that's a dedicated club member, love it Scott!!
 So much for our photo Dub!

 Date night with the hubs.
 Before the wedding we hiked to the top of Bishop's Peak. It was a great morning, and longer than we remembered.  I may have freaked out at the top and sat down. Mike got a good laugh about that, I have a new fear of heights. It doesn't stop me from doing them, but I kind of freak out when I am up high.
 School starts! I miss my buddy Gino when he is at school. He was so excited and is doing awesome, but the day seems so long without him!

G was pumped and ready to take on 2nd grade. They still get recess together this year, so they were both excited about that.
Big tractors at the ranch, Gino was loving it.
 Hi! I wave, blow kisses, high five and repeat everything you say!

 I go outside to find Giada.  She is sitting so quietly observing something, I look down and it's a snail.  She has always been fascinated by them and enjoyed watching them.

I owed Hilder a day of fun, and fun we had! A day in SF with the kids.

 I'm not sure who had more fun; the kids or Hilder???
 They build this moat to catch the water and protect their castle.

 Congrats Kelli on opening GingerBugs, what a fun place for the kids. We unintentionally dressed to match the decor!
Fundraiser. Wonderful dinner and night out, all for a good cause. Thanks again Al. 
Heather and I were having fun, were you?? LOL

Wonderful catching up with James on a quick trip down south.
Who doesn't have fun in the bath. The more bubbles the better.

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