Sunday, November 13, 2016


Day trip with Nana and Ran

We have been visiting our buddy JZ lately. He had a major hip surgery but is on the mend.
Way to keep your spirits up and keep fighting buddy!

This guy can make so many shots in a row. 
But,  remember to tell your dad you have to end on a "MAKE"
Happy Birthday Kernal! So much fun on the Off the Chain bike tour in Downtown Sac.

Viva Las Vegas to celebrate our 10 year anniversary. I hadn't been back since my bachelorette party. Mike planned the whole trip and I loved the surprises each day. He loves to research things and find out his best options. It was very nice to just have a few days together and to sleep in! LOL. Thanks to Nana and Nonni for running the kiddos all around while we were gone.

Of course we had to try Giada's restaurant. It did not disappoint. We over ordered and were stuffed!
Chocolate tasting!  It was so interesting to learn how chocolate is made from the beans. So many similarities to how we make the olive oil.  Such a different taste between beans from different regions of the world.  In addition to all the chocolate we had ice cream and hot chocolate too.

Lunch at Olives at the Bellagio

 I think we watched the water show every night.  It's mesmerizing.
 Surprise Boys II Men concert. So much fun. These guys were so personable. It was in a small theater and they were so interactive. 

 A day by the pool with all the bachelor and bachelorette parties - LOL
 Cromwell, neat boutique hotel on the strip.

We didn't go to Italy for our 10 year, but we pretended for the boat ride at the Venetian.
Nonni even snuck in a trip to the Grape Festival. Giada loved meeting up with school friends.
On our actual anniversary we felt like wine, but wanted to use our glasses from our wedding. 
Cheers to 10 years. Salute!

This spa has created HOURS of fun!
This girl has a new OBSESSION with fishing.  She asks to go every single day. She is lucky to be fishing at the lake; they usually always catch something. We will find out if she still likes it when she fishes elsewhere.

Finally picked the huge watermelon we grew at the ranch. We can get tomatoes, and a few other things to grow well at our house but not watermelons. 

LOVE catching these sweet mornings when the kids cuddle up together.

Giada was thrilled her buddy Isabel was at the birthday party. Happy Birthday Ally and Ava.

Lorenzo and I got to meet baby Greyson Pearl.  John, those Feldstein genes run strong; this baby looks like Marina's pops!
Fun morning watching baby Reese!
Reese-y is so smiley and a jumping bean these days.
2016-17 School Pictures

While the big kids are in school, Lorenzo and I occasionally have a little fun. No wonder he likes going to House of Coffees, they always give him a "Party in a Cup"

You think he needs a haircut??

Gymnastics class, Kindermusik and GingerBugs are our other favorite spots to visit.

We have had so much fun watching Giada run with the St. Anne's Cross Country team this year.
Giada and Cade are the only 2nd graders running in the 3rd-5th grade category.
They both run their little hearts out each race. Mike and I both love sports so much, and enjoyed playing them as we grew up. It has been fun this year to watch her enjoy them just as much.

St. Anne's Annual School Harvest Fest.  Painting Pumpkins, the Big Slide, and winning Goldfish are always the highlights.  We came home with 3 fish and 2 are still alive!! Goldfish from a carnival either die within the first hours or last ten years!
That face you make when you are so excited to paint pumpkins!

Gino has been having a quite a few field trips lately. Library, Fire Station and Post Office all in one week.  He was so excited to mail a letter at the post office and see how many days it took to get back to our house.  The library brought back childhood memories.  Mrs. Maas is back leading the puppet shows and kids activities; she has such a distinct voice, I would recognize it anywhere.
Mom will you take a picture with me?

Lorenzo Update
- Balls - he has loved to throw balls since he was little. Still uses both hands but I think will still be right handed.  He LOVES full size basketballs. He screams for them and can't get enough. Basketball season is sure to be a joy trying to keep him off the court.
-Dumping out all the pieces to every game we have on the floor.
- Reading. He seems to finally be ready to sit on our lap for multiple books. Before now he would just flip the pages as fast as he could and get another book, or split it down the middle to make a tunnel for cars to go through.
-Magic Tracks, obsessed. He wants to build the tracks and leave them on running ALL DAY AND NIGHT.
-Working on his hopping and jumping, getting more coordinated there.
- Great eater, willing to try most things. Also likes to try and feed Sydney all his food, then eat off the same spoon. Just lovely. Constantly swapping out silverware and sending the dog outside.
-Copy-Cat... anything the big kids do, he wants to do/say. Good or bad.
-Speaking. He can say so many things now, makes him seem so grown up.
-Car window down. He is obsessed with having his window down and does not know how to ask for it, so he just screams. Also, does NOT understand why he cannot have it down on the freeway. Good news about almost being 2 is he can soon face forward in the car seat. Looking forward to that day.
- Loves to play Peek a Boo, Mickey Mouse and  listen to Giada's singing.
- Plays independently with toys
- Smiles funny, if he thinks you are taking a photo he says "Cheese" and squints his eyes
- Walks around pretending to talk on the phone, just like Mike paces when he is on the phone.
- Good communicator. He finds a way to tell you what his needs are even though he can't find all the words.
- Sleep... was finally sleeping all night and lately now is not. I don't get it, I suck at getting my kids to sleep. Down to 1 nap, it is usually an hour or so. He still goes to be pretty early but gets up early. 6am if I am lucky.

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