Sunday, August 10, 2008

16 Weeks

Hello! Hard to believe another 2 weeks have flown by. We are busy as always and time is just getting away from me. I have finally popped out and am starting to show. Im looking forward for the in-between stage to be over so I actually look really pregnant and not just like I have added the college 15lbs back again. ;) This photo doesnt really show it very well, Ill add more soon.

This weekend we had an SF Giants themed shower for our good friends the Kerns! Baby Thor is due on Oct 12, it sure was fun to see all the baby stuff although it looked very tiny!!!

Also Congrats to the Bre and Trent who just found out they are expecting and due in March.

Lots of little ones runnning around in 2009 it seems.

Hope all is well!


Julie Cannon said...

looking good!!! love seeing photos and getting updates through the wonderful world of blogger! keep em coming!

Jamie said...

Love the baby bump! You look so cute! And congrats to Bri and Trent! So fun... give them a hug for me. And if baby Coldani wants to hang in there and be born on January 25th, that would be awsome! :-)

Sara Parr said...

Love the the blog! I am a blog junkie (some may call it stalking...) Congrats! and your hair looks adorable!