Monday, August 18, 2008

17 Weeks Down!

Another weekend, another shower!

This week we had Marla's wedding shower. After 10 years of dating Marla and Jared are getting hitched in late September. Hopefully my dress will still fit for the wedding, but that's another story for another time.

Janeballs came down from Klamath Falls, and Stace from Tahoe, it was great to see and spend time with both of them!

And the countdown has begun, we had another doctor appt this week, so far so good. Did you know a baby heartbeat is 2x as fast as ours? We find out the sex first week of September....wonder what it will be??? I was thinking girl, now boy. They say I "should" have mothers intuition....well apparently I don't on this one. :)

Photos from the shower, the DP Crew and the beautiful bride!
(Ignore the flame coming out of the top of my head ;)

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