Wednesday, August 27, 2008

18 Weeks Down!

Every week I can use the same intro sentence. Another weekend, another shower.

This weekend I headed up to Winsor, Ca to Jackie Bordessa's shower. It was so great to visit all the girls.
And, Jackie looks great, you couldn't even tell we were there for her shower, the belly was hiding!

Jackie and Jarrid have a dairy and they did get some darling cow accessories!!

The trip home was not so great as I got lost and ended up going over the Golden Gate bridge (I was supposed to be on the Richmond), and I didnt have any cash to pay the toll. But dont worry, they will send me a bill for $25 to make up for it! Argh!
Apparently I had poor directions. Luckily the Kernals helped me out before I drove my car off the bridge - which seemed like a good idea at the time! :)

But, Sunday I headed to Goores and purchased the Changing Station and Crib, so once we find out the sex the nursery planning can begin. I also went to the mall and purchased my first maternity pants. Man, they are hideous!! I guess Ill get over it because they sure are comfy.

Have a great week, belly shot to come soon.


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Papalii Family said...

aww jules!! you look so cute!! you have a glow about you!