Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hilders Bday/Valentines Day

Well another week blew by rather quickly.

Lunch this week with the Palmer Girls, it was nice to hear all about what was happening at work. I have felt out of the loop on that stuff. Of course they are taking care of my clients just fine, but its fun to get the updates and catch up with the girls. Plus, I hadnt had my fix of Sanitagos lately- it was yummy.

Hilders bday is on Valentines Day and since she'd be off in Lake Almanor with the boy toy, we had dinner earlier in the week. Happy Birthday Hilder!

Auntie Linny and Sum at Mikuni

Hilder spinning the sushi wheel - she won a pint glass

This week we had lots of visitors, Kristen, Linny and Sum on Friday afternoon it was nice to catch up. And Timmer and Chris stopped by on their way through town to meet Giada. It was great to see them, Timmer looks like a natural holding a baby ;)

Saturday Mike spoiled me for Valentines Day. We started a few years back having him make me a nice dinner instead of going out. This year was just different it being on a weekend I was home the whole time. It was nice to help out and the dinner was yummy as always, Mikes a great cook. He also gave me a homemade facial and massage, it was a treat and I was so surprised. Major points for him this weekend. I took a photo of the table, since it was funny to see the bouncer on the table and try to plan the dinner when she was sleeping. It worked out well, she slept all through dinner! This was the first time trying a headband, looks more like a sweatband!

All the grandparents stopped by to see see us for Valentines Day (But we know they really only come to see Giada!) ;) I forgot to take a photo of my mom(Nana) when she was over, but got some of Nona and Nono!

As if trying to do the blog while she is nursing, and type with one hand is not hard enough, I just got peed on, leg is soaking wet...these newborn diapers just arent small enough! This means the blog will be cut short....until next week. ;)


Jamie said...

try premie diapers! They rock for small bottoms!

Julie Cannon said...

headbands are my favorite on little girls! so cute!! and tell mike nice work...that is amazing!!!

she already looks a lot different...growing up fast she is!

The Kerns said...

Love the "sweat-band" :)

Dean Family said...

Sounds like you had a lovely week and a fabulous Valentine's Day. Props to Mike! Giada looks adorable as always and I think she is looking a little bit like daddy...so cute!

shivelys said...

I love that you got peed on while blogging/nursing. We moms learn to multi task very well...sounds like your already learning! ;) Giada is georgous!