Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Week 2

Well, things are going well so far.
Despite the natural lack of sleep of course, we are adjusting well.
The days go by suprisingly fast. Before I know it Mike is home and I never seem to get those naps in ....oh well!

Giada has been very busy this week, went out to dinner a few times, went to her 1st super bowl party. She doesnt seem to mind being out especially since everyone wants to hold her the whole time we are out.

We still have lots of visitors coming by daily, and the grandparents stopping by often but we love the company.

The belly button fell off so she was able to get her first real bath. She seemed to like it MUCH more than the sponge baths, so thats a good thing. The nips are all healed up and breast feeding seems to be going well. We have another appt on Thursday, so as long as she is back up to her birth weight we should be good to go!

Here are a couple pics from last week. She sleeps ALOT during the day, so its hard to get any good ones with her eyes open.

Bath Time!

Auntie Hilder and Summer were trying to be helpful and change Giada during the Super Bowl, one managed to get poop on one outfit, and one managed to get pee all over the other. I didnt know I needed to bring 10 outfits with me. So we had to borrow a onesie from Dylan Kerns. It was a bit big, Christmas Themed, and said "Im an ice guy" but of course Giada didnt mind and it was better than her being naked. Thanks Dylan, and girls you are fired from changing duty. ;)

Random pics!


Papalii Family said...

awww she is getting more and more gorgeous everyday!! i think she looks more like you :) im glad things are going well!! if you need anything, let us know!! xoxo!

The Kerns said...

She is so darn cute! And Dylan says you're welcome for the onesie! :)

Susan said...

Oh, Julie -- she is adorable! And that RED hair is so gorgeous!! Are you regretting that "fire crotch" comment you made about the Thor picture yet?? I can't wait to see her!

Jacquelyn, Jarrid and Gianna said...

she is just precious!! hope you are feeling well and catching a nap every so often!! much love!!

Anonymous said...

You guys look like you are doing well. She is so cute, more pics soon, please.

Busalacchi's said...

she is so precious.......glad to hear everything is going well and hopefully we will be meeting Giada very soon!