Monday, July 12, 2010

17 Month Update, Random Photos & Videos, New Bookshelves

New Bookshelves
I've been wanting new shelves in Giada's room and came across these rain gutter shelves. They work great, and most important she loves them and pulls books off to read all day.
We put some in her play area too!
What- this doesn't look safe? We heard the zebra bouncing when she went into the play area, came in a few moments later to find her standing jerking around the Foosball handles! Of course we wanted to snap a pic before telling her this was a BAD idea! :)
Our garden is in full force. Giada loves cherry tomatoes as much as me.
Now she just walks into the garden and helps herself.
This week we finally made it to the Farmer's Market, and Giada rode her first horse. It took a little warming up, but then she seemed to enjoy it. She waved to Nonna, Nonno, Auntie Steph, and Mike every time we went by them. It was funny.
Of course in this heat we have been using the water table a lot.
She has started splashing like crazy and getting it all over her face, it's a crack up!

Last Christmas Zia Gina got Giada a set of cookware items.
She has really grown an interest in them lately.
I'm not sure they are currently used the way Gina had intended......but one day right?
17 Months!
I realized I never gave an update and better quickly before she is 18 months old.
- Definitely figured out how to open our door handles, so we have to watch out for that since she thinks it's a fun game to run off and hide.
-Sleeping is still going well! Goes to bed around 7 and sleeps until 6am. That is a long time, so I can't complain but if once in awhile she could throw in a morning later than 6- that would be awesome and much appreciated.
-Those molars the doctor told us were coming in January, have finally arrived. All 4 at once. The left side is in, the right side is poking through. We are super lucky she doesn't really seem too bothered by her teeth.
-Loves to tickle you and be tickled.
-Loves to go in and wake up dad in the morning with hugs and kisses.
-Loves being outside, and runs everywhere!
- When someone is sleeping, or pretending to sleep she will put her finger up to her mouth and say "shhh" then a few moments later screams to wake them up. We can't help but laugh which makes her laugh and only encourages her.
-The words are coming quickly! Bow, ball, Syd, Max, Hot, Milk, Dog, Duck, Rock, Car etc...
-You can tell sometimes she is frustrated for a moment when you don't know what she is saying and is pointing at something, but when you figure it out she gets all excited, kicking her legs and smiling. She certainly understands much more than she can say.
- Is still loving gymnastics and we started Kindermusik a couple weeks back and is enjoying that too.
-Eats a ton of fruit, will never turn down fruit. Still will eat broccoli and usually always cheese. Taste buds seem to be changing a bit, but still a good eater.
-Loves babies and wants to touch them all

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