Wednesday, July 7, 2010

4th of July in Graeagle!

This weekend we were off to Graeagle for the 4th. It's so fun to be there for the traditional celebrations they have. We headed up on Thursday with Mike's parents and were joined by the Kern's and Gramm's on Friday. We had beautiful weather! Lots of eating, drinking and relaxing. The fireworks are on Saturday so that is nice, we headed back Sunday and missed all the traffic! We didn't leave before hitting the Graeagle Firehouse Pancake breakfast, and the town parade!
There was this bear on the porch of a condo down from us- the kids loved walking over and sitting on the bear!

Dylan and Giada chilling before breakfast.

The hair is long enough for pigtails- too cute!

I tell her to show me her teeth when I want a smile and she really was hamming it up this time!

Cheese!!!! Don't I look good in dad's shades!

Giada loved spending so much time with her Nonna. It's funny she is at that age where she prefers grandparents over me if the option presents itself! (And it does almost daily! :)

Getting ready for fireworks. Glowstick necklaces and bracelets kept her occupied!
She didn't seem to love or hate them this year. She moved from nonna to us to cuddle, while they went off. She even did some resting on my shoulder, it was pretty late, and she was tired. I think she even dosed off for a moment. Who does that at fireworks??!! But she got a second wind and was up until 11:30!!

Matt and Steph were in Tahoe and came by to see the fireworks and joined us for breakfast too!

Happy 4th of July!

Giada has been making all these funny faces these days. This one is classic, cracked me up!

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