Monday, July 19, 2010

Weekly Update

Hello once again. This week was a hot one with many days over 100! We tried to stay inside and as cool as we could. We also had some oil events this week. One night oil bottling, one day in Paso Robles for an oil tasting. It was a cool 107 there and Mike and I were dressed well for the outdoor event- jeans and a black shirt! Needless to say we did not know it was an outdoor event, but it was a good time - we even fit in a delicious dinner at Harris Ranch- Yummy (Sorry Jamie!) We were at the event because we won Best of Class at the Mid State Fair Oil Competition- so no complaining there! They gave us a small table but at least we had the shade tree! (And Kristen they provided the table cloths :)

Giada had fun at Nana and Pops in her new sand bucket the night we were bottling.

So, I made my first Craig's List purchase and it was a success! We were having photos done at Stephanie Moe's studio and she had this Bus Activity Center- Giada loved it so I was on a mission to find one. The exchange went well and it's a big hit.
Not the best photos- but you get the idea!

And here are a couple pics from Stephanie Moe Photography. She was doing an
Up Close and Personal Session! We Like!

My dad had some neck surgery about a week ago. He is getting better everyday and resting at home. But Giada wasn't allowed in the hospital so my mom would watch her while I visited and we would wave to Giada out the window. She seemed a bit confused but had fun playing with the trash cans to occupy her time....Peek a Boo!
Not the best pic, but the patient and the best nurse!
And ...maybe its just me, but this hug looks a little too tight.
Play date with Peyton! We had fun over the summer with Bre and Peyton and are sad they are going back to school. :(

Last but not least, we had a little get together a few weeks back since cousin Emily was in town. The Christopherson side of the family.(Mike's Mom)
Great visit, fun to catch up with everyone!


Name: Josh and Amy said...

Congrats on the Mid-state fair award -- that's really cool! About my photos: Photoshop. Do you have it? If not, I'd be happy to do it for you - it's really easy.
You and Giada will have to come over sometime to play with Baker and Caleb. I'm sure the girls would have fun in the pool or just running around the backyard.

Dean Family said...

Love, love the pictures. Giada's hair is beautiful!!