Monday, November 22, 2010

Visit to SLO, & random Giada pics!

This week Giada did some baking cupcakes with Nana...and of course wanted to eat all of them!

Nana and Giada also like to have picnic lunches on the lawn. So after hearing her say "nic" "lunch" I think I figured it out. Everyone was having a picnic lunch....duh!?!?

And her newest thing....closing her eyes while smiling when I want to take a photo. Kind of cute at first, but then I just really want a good photo with EYES open!
So I ask her to open her eyes....and she opens one all the way, one part.....argh!
And then I say open both, and she raises her eyebrows and opens mouth....geez! Good thing we have the Christmas card pic already for this year!
The Coldani's missed out on the trip to SLO this year for the annual softball girls reunion due to the Harvest party. So Giada and I headed down this past week for a couple days to play with the girls that live in town. Thanks Clarin's for letting us invade your house, and thanks Waylands and Shafers for hanging out with us!

The beach was pretty cleared out since the locals apparently don't go to the beach in November, but it was fun for us. We spent a morning in Avila, walking around, collecting seashells and chasing birds of course.
We checked out the Children's Museum too.
She jammed on stage with musical instruments...
Played dress up and wore the butterfly wings all over that museum...
Addy did some driving...
One of my requests was Farmer's Market, and it was great. Delicious food, good company and some shopping. Blake and Giada enjoyed dancing to all the live music.
We all celebrated Pubie Schubie's bday with breakfast at McLintocks. Yumm!
Joined by Jacks and Chloe
The Schafer Fam
And then we let the kids play in at Tom's Toys.
Cool store, has everything. Including toys for adults. :)

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