Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Giants, Halloween Festivities & Steph's Wedding Shower!

My posts are always SO long. Sorry! I think it's a combo of being super busy and taking a TON of photos. So enjoy - or scroll quickly :)

Last Wednesday we went to the city to watch the Giants game from Momo's with Timmer/Chris and friends. We had thought about trying to buy tickets at the last minute but ended up having a blast inside the restaurant. So glad we made the trip!! We rode up with the Kernals but they had tickets inside!

We were trying to get in there!

We got there about 2 hours before game time and as you can see the cove is filling up!
We had decided if Nicole had the baby that night from all the excitement she would have to go with a Giants name.....well "Petunia" didn't make her debut yet but now we are in November....so it will be soon!
Had some drinks with Talia and Natdogg before they headed inside.
It has been SO much fun watching the Giants play this year. The big win still seems surreal. Humm baby!!

Now on to Halloween Festivities --

We like to support our photographer friends when they have holiday specials! We headed to Stephanie Moe Photography for our first Halloween Pics. We had to bribe Giada with a sucker and then "Boo" just wanted to feed her friend "Sully" - too cute!
Dress up at gymnastics!

This year we grew fairytale pumpkins!
Not the best for carving but super fun to watch them grow for months.
Giada likes to hug EVERYTHING, even her pumpkin!
Halloween is not complete in Lodi without the annual trip to Phillips Farms.
Giada enjoyed checking out the animals, hugging all the scare-a-crow characters in the corn walk, & picking out pumpkins.

Anyone who knows my dad may know why this might be his all time favorite photo of Giada. His two favorite things- aliens and granddaughter all in one pic!!

At stroller fit the kids all painted pumpkins one day.
She liked it so much we did more at home!

Annual pumpkin carving! This year we only had a few people
actually carve and many spectators!

Melissa Wats Giants pumpkin and my WS pumpkin
This year Mikes pumpkin was inspired by Giada's costume. She is Boo from Monsters Inc. her favorite movie. She started watching it with my dad and now she requests it. We just wanted her to be something she would recognize and did she ever!

Before heading over to the Kernals on Saturday night Giada and I made Halloween cupcakes. She is having so much fun helping in the kitchen these days. But when I ask her to smile she has started closing one or both eyes.....oh geez!

Saturday we headed downtown Lodi to the Fall Festival. We take an annual photo at BW photography with all our friends, individuals with the kids, and trick or treat in downtown businesses. Giada didn't care much about the candy, just liked strolling the streets.
I was surprised how many people recognized her costume.
And the kids (and adults) in costume made the paper!

Hilder joined us downtown and no we didn't intentionally wear matching sweatshirts but I guess we were all in spirit that day!
Love it - Thanks Bre!

The whole gang! We had a duck, farmer, monkey, "How to train your dragon",
mickey, cowgirl and Boo!

Saturday afternoon our neighbors had a pumpkin contest- for the largest pumpkin. As you could see above our fairytales weren't going to win any size contests, not that we could have beat this 184lb pumpkin anyway! It was huge, it took 4 guys to lift it.
Fun Saturday evening watching the game at the Kernals.
We got the kids together again this year with the Bush's. Cute to see them all dressed up.
Always a fun time with the Gramms too and Johnny A.
My cousin Stephanie is getting married soon and was in town for the weekend. So Halloween morning we headed to Sac to give her a little surprise wedding shower. It was fun to see her family and get the celebrations started.
Present time!
Steph and her mom Mickey with her bow bouquet. Steph did good on her unwrapping...no bows were broken.


The Kerns said...

No mention of Giada's new favorite dinner, bacon wrapped duck? :)

Coldani Family said...

LOL- I forgot about that and that she loved answering the door for the Trick or Treaters....Ill add :)