Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Babies(not me), Gina & Scott NorCal Celebration, & Giada update

Babies- and no don't get any ideas.....
When I was in San Diego on vacation there were babies being born all over the state.
I forgot to mention these in my last posts! Sorry friends!!

In SLO the Schafer's welcomed Mikayla Elizabeth 7lbs. 8oz. 19.5 in.
I'm glad to see she is already rooting for the right team.
We can see who wears the pants in the family Aaron! :)

In Fresno the Chaney's welcomed Ellen Lola on Oct 6 - 7lbs. 6oz. 20.5 in.

In Lodi the Kanter's welcomed McKenzie Gwen on Oct 7 - 7lbs. 8oz.

Our best to you all - the girls are beautiful!

This weekend Gina and Scott had a Northern California Wedding Celebration. Despite the rain everyone had a great time celebrating. We were nice and cozy indoors! The food was delicious, music great and the company even better! Congratulations Scott and Gina Sans!

Decorations around the winery included some beautiful wedding photos
from the San Diego ceremony.

Must always try and grab a family pic! This one was a success - 3 smiles.
And as some of you may have heard-- there was an important Giants game on that night. We were all checking phones and listening to radios for updates. Some of us even ran to the car to listen to the 9th inning announced by real announcers Kurk and Kuip! One guest decided to dress up for the occasion .......sad to say I'm related to him. :) The funny thing is I specifically called my mom to say......dad is only allowed to bring a little radio.....
guess he never has really listened to me. :)
Some fans brought their rally towel
And some of us took a Giants shot downtown!
Any way you put it...WE ARE GOING TO THE WORLD SERIES! Go Giants! Humm Baby!!
I love Sydney!
Getting ready for Halloween!
I'm 21 months old!
Giada has been a busy bee this month.
-Two new teeth on the bottom
- Sleep habits were REAL bad for a month, waking up MANY times nightly. But I worked on it all last week and we are back on track sleeping through the night- yippee!
- She's staying up way later in the day and not taking a nap until about 1, and it's only for about an hour or two...guess the girl doesn't need much sleep since she gets up at 6!
- After going on the airplane to SD she now says" plane vroom sky"
- Saying a ton more words now and starting to repeat things we have to be a little more careful what we say. Definitely stringing multiple words together.
-She started telling us when she had to go to the bathroom, so we got a little potty for her and the training has begun. We just started offering it to her through out the day. She is pretty good with pee and will go about 4x a day in it. We are NO where near the end up diapers but working on it.
- I was trying to get Mikes attention the other day to show him something she was doing because she had been calling "da da" and he couldn't hear her, so now she is calling him "Mike." It's kind of funny, but I don't really like it. :)
- After riding in the limo bus for Gina's wedding Giada is obsessed. She LOVES buses. I should just ride around Lodi on one all day she would be thrilled. She yells at them when she sees them and gets upset when they leave.
- Likes to clink your glass and say "cheers".....ALL the time
-She is such a lover and so into giving hugs and kisses to everyone and then wants me to give a hug and kiss to them too...it's cute.
- She has probably seen Dylan doing "knuckles" for a long time, and Cooper did it to her the other day and it just clicked. So now she wants to give you a high 5 and "knucks"
- She is definitlely gaining a mind of her own and wanting things "right there" etc. But 99% of the time is such a happy girl and so much fun.

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