Wednesday, October 13, 2010

San Diego - Post 2- Wedding!!

Well when Thursday arrived we had a quick brunch with Jen and Hager and then we were off to the airport to pick up the family. We were so excited to see them it felt like we had been gone for a long time already. Giada did so well on the whole trip as we traveled all over the San Diego area!

Rehearsal night- look at this beautiful view!! The wedding was on the 15th floor overlooking Petco park, but as you can see below you could also see downtown and Coronado.

Maid of Honor - Tiffany Dos Reis
Soon to be Mr. and Mrs. Sans
Flower girl "hamming" it up!
Starting the day off right- with champagne!

Beautiful flowers!
Beautiful bride!!

Parents of the bride.
(And the best in laws ever! And I'm not just saying that because they read the blog!!)

Matt and Steph were there to celebrate - you guys are next!
After pictures Giada crashed! She didnt seem to mind the loud music as we entered to do the bridal party dance, so she danced along with us to "Don't stop believing!"
After the power nap Giada was up for the rest of the wedding.
We kept her busy on the dance floor.

Cake anyone??

Giada enjoyed a velvet looked like a hit!
Wedding Guests
Beautiful West girls with the bride

All that dancing tired her out!

Gina and Scott (but probably mostly Gina) planned a beautiful wedding. It was so much fun, the live band was awesome, food delicious, everything went off without a hitch. Congratulations Gina and Scott and have an amazing time on your honeymoon- we love you! xo!

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Mettler's said...

Just caught up on your blog! Oh my goodness, you all look so beautiful! What a gorgeous wedding! And looks like you guys had a fab time in S.D.!!! I enjoyed the pics!