Monday, October 18, 2010

Breast Cancer Run, Pumpkin Patch and WeOlive SF

Sunday was the annual breast cancer walk/run in Lodi. Kristen and I do it every year, and we are usually accompanied by various friends throughout the years. This year it was just us, with the addition of Giada joining us. We had to run off to the pumpkin patch afterward so we missed our favorite pink pancakes - next year!

We ran into the Mettler fam before the walk. Giada just loves "Coop" and asks about him all the time, so I'm sure it was the highlight of her day! They enjoyed sharing snacks before the race. And she never forgets to say hi to the "baby" Brixten. She just loves those Mettler boys.

Then we were off to Del Osso Farms. We had a big group and good intentions of
all hanging out together but there was a TON of people there so we
all did our own thing and met up from time to time.
You can see how successful we were below on getting all the kids heads in for the photo.
Didn't go so well....but it was a good idea we had. :)

Giada and Peyton were patiently waiting for the train....

Or should I say the "choo choo" AKA the Del Osso Express!
Diehls were there...
Zuluetas were there...
Gramms, Shivelys, Turners, and Reichs at the famous corn maze
(Sorry Kanters we missed you in the pics)

Tractor ride with Dylan and Nicole

Panning for gold

Feeding the goats. Pretty good petting zoo, a ton of animals and she loved feeding them all. You could tell they get fed all day they would coming running toward you for food. Not sure if that is good or bad, but it is what it is at places like this.

We had to drag her out of the pumpkins she would have played and crawled
all over them for hours!

Since Sarah "Janeballs" Shively was in town we decided to celebrate her upcoming birthday with a 30-ish cake. Her son Conner helped blow out the candles since there were SO many. Thanks for visiting Jane- great to catch up!
Sunday - Jeanne and I spent the day at We Olive in San Francisco, for grower/producer day. It was a busy day despite the rainy weather. We had a great time with the SF girls, and look forward to going back again.

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Mettler's said...

Umm, more like my son kept taking your daughter's snacks, but nice way to put it! :-) Pumpkin Patch and WeOlive looked fun!!! Hope you got Giada to nap today!!