Saturday, October 2, 2010

Crazy week...even for me (& Giada 20 mon update.)

As you all well know I'm typically very busy. But this week takes the cake, I wasn't sure I'd make it through! In addition to the regular gymnastics class, music class, olive oil stuff etc... we managed to fit in our slow pitch softball game(still undefeated!), kids play-date, Carrie Underwood concert, Baby shower at our house for Kerns baby #2, and Giants game!! All fun events and too hard to pass any of them up but made for a QUICK week!

About once a month a few of my college friends and I get together to let the kids play, and we get to catch up. This month they came to Lodi! We checked out Micke Grove zoo then back to our house for lunch, and water play. The kids played in the kiddie pool and water table for hours, they had to be dragged away. Good times girls, thanks for making the drive!

Giada napped through half the zoo and just woke up when we wanted to take a group photo. And with four people snapping photos it's no wonder the kids look like they don't know what's going on!

Glad Jackie got the Lorakeet experience since it was their last day in Lodi!
Nico wanted to give them a kiss.
Carrie Underwood was awesome as was Billy Currington before her - and so fun that the Stockton Arena is getting great talent! Carrie's songs are a little slower so it was a different vibe then Billy- he has the "beer drinking" country songs everyone is most accustomed to, but Carrie has a beautiful voice that's for sure and a fun night out with the Kernals!

Kernals have baby #2 "Petunia" on the way, so we showered that new baby with love Thursday night as she will be here in November! As you can see we went with the pink/orange harvest theme. That little girl got some darling clothes. Welcome to the pink club Cole!
Thanks Melummer!

Giants game Friday night. Tried to see them clinch it.....didnt quite happen Friday but either way we made playoffs. Humm baby!!!

Giada's 20 months was a couple weeks ago
Here's what she has been up to.....

-Very funny, when she thinks she has done something well, she requests a high-five
-Seems to enjoy both her music class and gymnastics classes, can do much more in them each week and follows the teacher better every time. She is always asking for her friend "Coop" from class.
- She has made it clear that she is aware when she is going, or has gone pee or poop. So we bought a little seat and just try to offer it to her when she brings it up. Honestly I'm not ready to go there yet with the potty training!! But she has gone in it a handful of times, usually once a day, so we'll see how that goes.
-Loves snakes, bugs etc. She thinks a worm is a snake and collects them all over the backyard and hold onto them for a LONG time! She is quick to point out ants, flys etc.
-Eye lashes still two different colors, I love it, it's most noticeable when she is sleeping.
-Hair is getting long and still curly, especially at the bottom
-Two more teeth working there way in on the bottom.
-Last couple weeks, waking up again at night - darn!
-Very good at saying "Tank too" and loves giving hugs and kisses
-If she burbs she says burb, if she farts she says burb. I'd rather her say that, so we don't correct her. :)
- She has started taking her shirt off all the time, dresses too....luckily only at home so far.
-When she hears something she points to her ear and says "bird" "train" whatever it may be.
-The voice is definitely ONE volume and its LOUD!
-And most importantly she says "Go Giants!!"

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JoJo said...

Very cute jules. Thanks for keeping us up to date on your cutie pie munchkin!