Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Run for the hungry, Thanksgiving, & Harvest

For quite few years now Kristen, Jaime and I do the Run for the hungry 10K on Thanksgiving morning. Who else joins us every year always changes. It's always fun to get together before the big meal that day. They announced that last year they raised $63,000 for the local food bank, so thats always great to be a part of as well. This year Marla & Tricia joined us. Linds it wasnt the same without you!! Thanks for coming out girls!
KR snapped an action shot!
And Marla snapped one of us at the finish. The weather was COLD and KR and I were tired but we managed to fake it for the picture of course!!
Our families split up Thanksgivings which is nice for us all to only have one meal per day. My mom does Wednesday night. This year we remembered to take some pics. Everyone else(even Giada) smiled after the 1,2, 3 was announced....except my dad....shocker :)
Ran and Bud were celebrating with us too!
Giada was then going around wanting her picture taken with different people, and wanting to look at the picture on the camera saying "oh pretty"
Not sure why we didnt take any pics on Thursday with Mikes fam....I dropped the ball there!!
We usually head up to Graeagle this time of year, but we are in the middle of harvest. So we have been spending some time out at the ranch.
We are winding up the harvest this week...hopefully! :)

She is just tall enough to reach over...

And pull out all the olives....
Nonno let her stand in the bin and she was a happy girl!
Dylan came out to check out all the action at the ranch...
He too liked throwing olives.
Grandma Barbara and Nana

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