Monday, December 6, 2010

Tree, Light Parade, Cookies, & Giada update!

Last weekend we picked out a Christmas tree. I just didn't post the pics yet.
The nice man at the lot also gave Giada her own tree to plant
which she carried around for quite some time.
As you can imagine the Christmas tree experience this year has been a bit different. Last year when she was 1 everyone said to worry about the ornaments but they weren't a problem. This year different story! I put only a fraction of them on this year, and only near the top. The bottom 1/3 of the tree is non- breakable ones which she takes off and on all day. Showing them to Sydney, her babies, and sometimes throwing them - yikes. All the casualties so far have been fixable.....but it is only the 6th, so I'll keep you posted!

This week consisted of lots of cookie baking! While visiting the Kernals this week, Nicole had the kids help make cookies. It went pretty well as long as they had their own tray and sprinkles for decorating. Dylan was showing Giada how to use the mixer.
Then when we were done he would grab some dough...
And feed her! It was so cute and funny, but they seemed to be having a good time.
Sometimes he would open his mouth as she would to eat it!!

This week was the Lodi Light Parade. It's a tradition every year. This year it was a little rainy but we bundled up and headed out. Every year has a theme and this years was sports. Some people got pretty creative but most were pretty weak. We kept waiting for a Giants float. Well I guess they saved the best for last. A local dairy did a great Giants float, it was our favorite.The had the San FrancisCOW logo, and BULL Pen, they were clever. And of course Santa is the last to go through town on the firetruck. Thanks for coming out friends!

KR and Ben
This weekend was Coldani Cookie Baking Weekend. Gina comes home and we bake for HOURS. This weekend it was 7 hours on Saturday! Its lots of fun and we rock out to Christmas music all day. This year Giada was there to help for a few hours.
She did lots of mixing and tasting!!

Par for the course, I forgot to do Giada's 22 month update!
- Talking up a STORM, and repeating most things she hears.
-She is really picking up on colors and shapes, it's so exciting to see her use the things she is learning in the right context.
-She will often tell her babies, Sydney whoever is around what she hears. i.e. "Train sydney train, bird baby", while touching her ear.
-Sleep is improving - finally!! We were back to MANY wake ups a night but the last few nights she slept through 2 nights and only woke once 1 night. Progress in my book!
-She has been more and more into make believe. She was running around with her arms out and said she was a "plane" woosh" "flying"
-Enjoys dress up and dressing up her babies, including putting diapers on them.
-Loves bath time
- Mike and I watch Two and a half men a lot and she has started signing the theme song "Men men men men manly men" when she hears it coming on, it's a crack up.
- She heard me call Mikes name to get his attention one day and now she will randomly call him Mike, it's always funny to hear her say that and not dad.
- Like every kid this age, she is becoming more independent, making it clear what she wants and does not want.
-Still a pretty good eater
-Two more teeth on top. One has popped in the other is pushing its way out.
-She was at the piano looking at some sheet music and thought the notes were ants. Its funny how their minds work.

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