Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Gymnastics Program, Santa, Mother Daugther Party, & Giada News

This week was a busy one...

Gymnastics Holiday Program. Since we are in a parent tot class this means I had to participate too- oh joy! Good thing I have some friends in the class so we can all feel silly together. The kids were great, it was a fiesta theme so they gave them sombreros to wear at the end of the program for the finale. The finale was the macerena to holiday music. I definitely had to refresh my memory on that dance, and try to help Giada do it, so I could avoid doing it myself! I'll try to upload the video it's pretty cute.

Giada with her friends Preston, Cooper, & Claire.....we were unsuccessful at getting them all to look at the same time.

Giada and dad after the program.

She loves her sombrero and has worn it everyday since the show!

We had a visit with baby Aubrey this past Sunday. This time Giada wanted to hold her a few times. She put blankets on her, gave her pacifiers etc....it was like a real life doll for her! And all with wearing Dylans bunny ears. She loves dressing up and wearing animal headbands!
Happy Birthday to Ran! Giada is getting pretty good at saying "Happy Birthday!"
So for the last 13 years or so we have had a Mother/Daughter Party with my high school friends. It's so much fun and I look forward to it every year. A different person hosts every year. This year Natdogg hosted and decided to make it a theme. You had to wear some sort of animal print. Well......a few of us decided to take that to the next level.

Hilder the Zebra, Kristen the hunter, Julie the Giraffe :)
Hilder and I even had tails.
The Whole Gang
xo Girls- Love you!
Country Girls

Another Santa photo....and another year I have to be in the picture! We were the only ones visiting Santa at that particular time so he was being very Jolly, asking Giada all kinds of questions. So she got a little overwhelmed. He gave her a candy cane, so now she keeps saying "Santa, candy?" and is pretty good at "ho ho ho Merry Christmas" when you ask her what Santa says.
For the past few years Mike and I have been donating a bike to Adopt a Child. Here is this year's bike. I hope this is something we can do every year, I always get all choked up when we are dropping it off!

Last week I forgot to mention a couple other things Giada is up to:
-Saying "I yove you" to us and it just melts you.
-Still a big lover giving lots of hugs and kisses to everyone
-Has started reading some books to me, and it's real funny to hear her repeat the things I've been reading to her for months even the tone I use for certain things. Her memory amazes me daily!
And last but not least she forgot to tell you to read her shirt below!
She was holding the cat in front of her shirt, so I asked her to put it on her head so you could read it....but for those of you that can't it says..."I'm the big sister"
Yep that's right, our family is growing and Giada should be a big sister in July. I'm 9 weeks along and so far so good!


Joel and Vanessa said...

Wow. Congrats. So exciting. Nothing better than a growing family. I love the pictures of the mother / daughter party. So fun that you still get together. Hope you and the family have a very Merry Christmas.

joanneseibel said...


The Graumans said...

Hooray baby friend! ;)

Mettler's said...

Great blog post and so exited for you guys!!! CONGRATS! :)

Name: Josh and Amy said...

Wow, Julie! A big congratulations on your "bun". (I secretly hope it's a boy so you can enjoy the older daughter, younger son fun :-) --- hey, that;s just like you and your bro, too!)

Papalii Family said...

Congrats!! What great Christmas news!! Hope you all have a great christmas and a happy new year! xoxo!

Papalii Family said...

Congrats!! What great Christmas news!! Hope you all have a great christmas and a happy new year! xoxo!

Cuneo said...

Congratulations Julie and family! I am so excited for you guys. I hope you have a great Christmas.