Tuesday, December 28, 2010


How could I forget so many pictures??
Christmas Morning at our house, Christmas Day Evening at my parents,
and Present opening on Sunday with Mikes Family!! Yikes.

Here they are....enjoy!
Sydney likes the new bell toy Giada picked out for her.
Well we all have a little bed head going on! Mike and Giada's turned out nice.

Mine...not so much

Lets try over by the tree...NO better. I guess you get what you get from a 2 year old!

She's got this present opening thing down now
Each year Mike and I get her something without telling the other what it is, it's been pretty fun so far. She loves dressing up and loved playing with the capes at the Filices when we were visiting. So mine was a personalized cape set, with mask, gloves, cape and shirt. So far it's a hit!
Super Giada!
Mike got her a doll house. She loves it. The people are a great size for her to handle. And as you can see she tries to fit her big babies in there too! Guess she will figure it out.
Then it was off to my parents that evening. Ran and Bud got her a Trike!
What do you think....does it look like she likes it?
And Matt and Steph got her a trampoline. I can't believe how long she can jump on that thing!!
At the Coldani's Gina's dog Annie wanted in on this present opening.
I couldn't get any good pictures since every time I tried she wanted to walk up to the camera and show it what she had received. In this case a cow puppet.
And Nonni and Nonno got her a kid sized chair....so she had dolly test it out.

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