Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Years

Before we left for our New Years trip to Graeagle. We had a play date with Bre and Liz, before Bre went back to school. As always Giada and Peyton had a great time playing together!

Then we were off to Graeagle for some relaxing and time in the snow. The Kernals, Busalacchis and Avansinos joined us. There was SO much snow up there.
The kids LOVED running around in it.
One day we went up the road a bit and did some sledding.
I didn't get a picture of Mike but Bush and Mike attempted the sledding as well.
No injuries to report!
So we were trying to take a group picture. Mike had the camera timer on and set up on a sled. As he was running over his foot caught the sled and knocked it to the side. So Mike and I get cut out of the picture and Giada starts crying because she thinks Mike is hurt. It was pretty funny!
Take 2 much better!

Of course we attempted snow angels

She also loved climbing up the hill...we did it over and over!

Happy New Year From Dylan! The only kid who woke up to celebrate with us!
Although Nico wasn't up to celebrate New Years with us, he carried around his horn all weekend in spirit!

Giada and Nico did a lot of hand holding while dancing! So cute.
When the Avansinos arrived on Saturday we tried to take a kid group picture in the snow. Not all of them were thrilled with our plan.
We captured a picture of Nico in hat and gloves!! I don't believe it. He never wanted them on and we were all worried he was getting too cold, but he didn't seem to mind at all!
The Busalacchis make famous Gin Fizzes.....well I had to sit with the kids and get the vigin blend, but they were still yummy!
One day all the kids were gone for a long was nice and quiet...but then we started wondering what mischief they were getting into....and to our surprise- NONE! Nicole had a daycare going on in the bedroom!
Aubrey was great all week. As long as the kids didn't trample her....she was a happy camper!
Nicole really wanted to build a snowman. But that wasn't really panning out. SO...this SoCal girl decided to build a Snow Fish..... it turned out recognizable and the kids sprayed it with their colored water, so all were happy!

The kids wouldn't go on the sleds alone, so Mike had to pull both of us. What a heavy load for him, it was fun. I wish I had the video of Bush pulling Renee and Nico. He was going SO fast it was hysterical. We were all laughing so hard.
This bear is on a porch a few units down from ours. Giada always has to go sit on it. It't become a tradition to take a picture on it every time!
Giada was enjoying having breakfast with Francesca!
Happy New Year! All our best to you and your family in 2011!

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