Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Fancy Food Show & One Sunny Day

This weekend we attended the Fancy Food Show in SF. It was quite an experience. 100's of food related products and vendors. We were there with Calivirgin in the California Olive Oil Council's booth. I think we all felt it was a great experience and look forward to next year. We had to man the booth, but we also had plenty of time to roam around the show, have some delicious dinners and even hit the bars one night with Timmer!

As we were walking around we strolled up on Duff! I managed to walk right into his booth before they closed it off and listen to him explain his new line of products. They seemed pretty neat and should be on the market soon, and help our homemade cakes look MUCH better. He seemed real laid back. He had 3 ladies from his show there working on cakes...below are a couple of them, they were looking good.

I also found the Barefoot Contessa Ina Garten. She is Lindsay's favorite chef so I wanted for her to come back from lunch. She seemed just as nice as she is on TV, and tasted her new line of cupcakes - yummy!
The Gold Dust never lets you down. Good music and cheap drinks!
Thanks mom for watching Giada all weekend!!

Giada has this funny thing lately where she needs to "feed" her babies, stuffed animals etc. She thinks milk comes from the belly button and that's where you feed them. Where do they come up with these things?? And watch out if you are around her- no ones belly button is safe, she will come looking for milk! LOL!
Although there has been no rain, it has been gloomy! The sun came out one day so we took advantage and took the wagon out for a spin. Giada needed her sunglasses and baby too of course!

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