Monday, January 31, 2011

JZ turns 1!

Marla's little boy Jared Jr. turned 1 last week. The birthday party was this weekend, and Marla really outdid herself! Circus theme and everything was amazing!!

Darling pics of JZ throughout the room!
Birthday boy!
The girls + Dylan/Jared - Giada. She wouldn't partake in our pic, so she was left out.

Marla had all kinds of carnival games
A not scary clown that the kids loved!
Watching the clown as long as she had her sucker and popcorn!
But of course our kids just wanted to be outside looking at the ducks and missed all the action.
Then the clown did airbrush face painting. Giada picked a cat. The kids were so serious as she was painting and I was impressed they sat still for her!
We still don't have all the glitter out of her hair! :)
Dylan picked a dinosaur
And the kids got a ton of favors to take home, one of which was a goldfish. They loved them.
So we went to the store and got our fish a home. I let Giada name her fish and she chose "Aubrey" - sorry Nicole she loves your daughter. We have fed "Aubrey fish" a few times today I'm going to have to hide the food before she is overfed.
But she seems happy swimming around all day!
Thanks Mar & Jared for including us. Great time!!

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