Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Garage Cleaning- Oh Joy, 12 wk pic, New bed

Well for the first time in almost 3 years, I hardly took any photos this week. Giada was pretty sick a couple days, and Jeanne and I headed to SF one day for an oil event and before we knew it the week was over. We spent both Sat and Sunday working on the garage. It was THAT bad. It looked literally like a bomb had gone off. We spent Saturday cleaning, taking trips to the trash, storage, etc. Then Sunday we put in new cabinets! They are so nice and have so much room. I'm sure we will fill them up in no time, but the garage is now cleaned up and we feel like we have a whole other room added to the house- what a concept!

New Cabinets! Mike can have his game room back!
One thing we also did was paint the bed we had in the guest room and put it in Giadas room. So far she seems to like it and I'm happy to announce is sleeping ALL NIGHT! It's been about a week and it's so wonderful. I still wake up a bunch, but Ill take it!!
And I'm 12 weeks so figured I should start the photos. This picture doesn't do it justice. My belly is growing at an alarming rate. I'm a little worried about how large I'll be at the end of this! Giada said wait and ran to be in the picture.
We added more storage to the playroom and moved the bus around so then it became something interesting to play with again this week.

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