Friday, January 28, 2011

Giada Turns 2!

Finally the birthday blog!
Giada turned 2 last Saturday and it has been a long week for us. I got sick late last week, and Giada has been sick this whole week. We didn't realize she had the bug until she threw up ON me at her birthday party- awesome! She seemed to still enjoy herself somewhat as did the other kids, and none of the other kids got sick, so I was glad about that! But our normally smiley girl has hardly cracked a smile all week and we are ready for this sickness to be out of the house. We are fortunate that she has hardly been sick much in her life, and naturally would catch a bug on her birthday - right!?

So the pictures are random from the whole week. Some from the gymnastics place where we had the birthday, some from the bday celebration we had at home later in the week, and some random pics we took of her in her bday outfit since that outfit was short lived at the party.

Gymnastics was the theme!
Fabulous cupcakes and cake from Kim Duke - Old Vine Bakeshop!
JZ and Marla - Happy Birthday JZ, Giada and JZ share birthday week!
Lucca loved playing baseball and was wearing the appropriate shirt. Glad to see that Feldstein side of him, isn't winning out on which baseball team he likes!
I don't think Peyton ever left the foam pit!

Dylan loved jumping. Ready...set...
Aubrey napped
Ella is not that short. We couldn't get her to stand or Giada to sit. :)
This is what happens when you ask a kid to smile while eating cupcake. Looking good Preston!
This time we told him to open his eyes in the family pic....and now he looks scared.
The Kanter family- now of 4!
Giada loves singing the Happy Birthday song and was waiting patiently to blow out her candles.
Blow em out!
Got em!
After Giada came home from the party. She napped, had a fever and was a mess. But later in the evening we let her open a few presents. She wouldn't take her new Crocs from Zia Gina off and was showing us her new Toy Story characters from Uncle Matt and Aunt Steph
And did lots of drawing with her new water crayons- Thanks Kiali!
So later in the week Mike made his rainbow cake for Giada. It's now a family tradition to make that cake for her birthday. She kept saying "I like it" and was so excited to have some. And she LOVES blowing out the candles. We had to sing the song and light the candle at least 3-4 times before we said that's enough. :)

See here it is again once she had her own piece. She hardly even ate the cake, just wanted to play with the candle.
One day this week we threw on the birthday outfit and went to take a few pics since the outfit was short lived at the party. Giada LOVES ducks and could feed them ALL day if we let her.
She isn't scared of them at all.

2 year old stats!
-29lbs, (weight) 36in,(height) 49.5cm (head) - still in the 90+ percentile in all areas. She's a big girl. And the doctor told us when she was born that you can double their height at 2, and that's about how tall she will be. So for those of you who aren't the best at math- that's 6 ft tall- yikes! Here's to hoping she's athletic. :)
-Good eater, still loves her broccoli! Loves fruit, and meat.
-Enjoys Kindermusik class and is becoming more independent there.
-Loves gymnastics and is mastering skills. She can do a somersault by herself now. Loves swinging on the rope, jumping into the foam and trampoline.
-Sleeping WELL! About 8pm-6am. Seems to enjoy her twin bed much more than that toddler bed. I'd really love it if she slept past 6 but I'm not complaining since she finally is sleeping through the night.
- Talks a lot, and is making longer sentences everyday.
-Her memory still amazes me, and they way they associate to events or places they have been.
- Definitely getting a mind of her own, but if you give her choices, or count to 5 she usually listens pretty well.....usually.
-No longer interested in potty training. I'll try again in awhile. I'm not really in a rush she just seemed into it for awhile.
- Hair is super long, and she doesn't really like for you to touch it. So it's usually just pulled back on the sides. We are trying to thin out the bangs with each cut, and I've yet to cut the length I don't want to lose those curls.
-Enjoys being outside, going on walks and loves her pets.
-Loves the song Wheels on the bus!
-Knows all the primary colors, and a few shapes.
-Sings the ABCs decently and can count to 10 pretty well.
-Sings Ming Ming song from Wonder Pets, and knows all Mickey characters.
-Everytime we pass a gas station she asks "Need gas mom"
-Lots of miss you, love you which you can never get enough of
-Every night at dinner she asks for a group hug with Mike and I....we laugh it's cute and she never forgets.
-She will take a tape measure and measure things all over the house when she finds if laying around. And the measurement is always 96. We aren't sure where she got that, and we always listen to see if its different - nope - 96!
-Often will call Mike "Mike" instead of "Dad" it's pretty funny, I can't help but laugh. But I'm really glad that she doesn't do that to me. :)

14 weeks!
No pics of me this week but the pregnancy is going well so far. I'm so fortunate not to get sick! Mike and Giada came to the appt this week it's always fun to hear the heartbeat. Giada says she heard the baby talk. She kisses my stomach and says goodnight to the baby all day. Ill work on the weekly pics. Belly is growing but I'm anxious to look pregnant and not just be in that in between stage.


Jacquelyn, Jarrid and Gianna said...

gianna is on track to be 5'11'' right now and 90th for head size as well, so we will have tall girls with big heads together! haha! glad she is feeling better! and you too!

The Graumans said...

Awe, geez, you make me feel like I need to post a belly pic! ;)
tell Mike I love his rainbow cake! We make one but just layer the colors, I love the crazy pattern! if i tried that it would just turn black! haha!

Sloan Family said...

Happy Birthday Giada! It's crazy that she's two already! LOVE her birthday outfit! So so cute!