Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cooking class, Zoo, Fireplace, Super G, 16 weeks

This week Lindsay and I made an overdue trip to Sonoma to take a cooking class. It was SO much fun! I can't wait to go again!
Our teacher demonstrating a few things before we got to work!
Lindsay and I were in charge of the roasted pepper salad. And while our peppers were roasting we were able to go around and make all the pastas too. Everything turned out delicious! I feel inspired to work on my cooking skills!!
A few dishes below and dessert!
Last week we had quite a few play dates. We played with Seve at the park and got to meet his new sister Stella, play date with Lucca and Macie and a few play dates with Dylan. I of coursewasn't with it enough to capture pictures at all of them. Giada and Dylan have loved playing with play dough lately!

One warm day last week I felt like ice cream so off to Forster Freeze we went. I decided to be nice and let Giada have a little cone in the car....well you can see how that went below. But she had fun....and that's all that matters right!!?? The funny thing is I sent the pic to a few friends,nonni and nana. The responses were so funny! Here are a few... "Oh shit" " Oh wow" " love the smile on her face" "this pic is hilarious" It was just classic to me how people respond so differently to the same picture.

Recently we just got a new fireplace put it. We love it, such a comfortable heat! Here is the old one...

And the new...

It's been so warm out Nicole and I took the kids to the zoo last week. We were there a couple hours and even got to see the birds fed in the atrium which was a highlight for the kids.

Giada has been bringing me the cape and having me put it on and she yells "Super Mommy" and then wants to be chased around. She has been running around as "Super Giada" too. It's almost funnier to me when she puts the mask on like this. :)
Steve and Jeanne's anniversary was this weekend so we went over Friday night and cooked them dinner. Giada spent a long time playing with Nonno, when I requested a pic she ran to get baby who of course had to be in the photo!
16 weeks!
(Not the best pic. Not a good idea to take it in front a beige wall wearing a beige shirt- but here is your pic Leff!)
- I was being impatient and wanted to know the sex of the baby. So we called the Dr who agreed to let me have an ultrasound last week. So despite what we thought....It's a BOY! It's fun to know and makes this all seem more real. I popped out this week and am really starting to look pregnant now!
- Feeling great still so far- I'm a lucky girl.
-Started working out again this week after being lazy and busy last month, so that feels good.
-No names and no we aren't telling once we decide....sorry friends I know that's upsetting for some of you.
-He is the size of an avocado this week


Sara Parr said...

Lookin good! Congrats on the boy!

Amaya Jaime said...

yay a boy!! congrats!!! i know he will be so handsome!!!